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Add on an experience that will make your South Pacific Holiday even more memorable! We have a selection of our best holiday experiences below, that can be added to any of our packaged holiday deals. 

    Avatele Village Tour

    The village of Avatele on the southern coast was one of the early trading stations when sailing ships plied the oceans on trade winds from the east. Its sandy cove was an attractive landing place for sailing ships.

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    Charlie's Ebony Half Day Tour

    An eco-friendly tour with a knowledgeable guide who not only shares with you his great affinity for Niue’s rich tropical rainforest, its flora and fauna but also his knowledge of history and legends. Tour guide Jack is also renowned for his intricate ebony carvings. 

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    Toamana Fishing Charters

    Yahoo, yellowfin tuna and mahimahi are the targeted species. Angler are welcome to use their own favourite gear, although Toamana’s 5m alloy is fully equipped. Jigging, casting and trolling are on offer. As trolling is the preferred method of fishing, two anglers is ideal.

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    Uga Tour

    The uga or coconut crab is said to be the largest hermit crab in the world. While it spends all its adult life on land, it must return to the sea to release its eggs. The tour provides an opportunity to see and capture the uga in its natural habitat. 

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