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3 Norfolk Island Holiday Essentials

When planning your Norfolk Island holiday, or any holiday for that matter, it can be helpful to know the essentials when booking, especially in terms of accommodation, getting around and activities. At Spacifica Travel, we specialise in Norfolk Island holidays and can help you plan the perfect holiday to the land of the pines. To learn more about our Norfolk Island Holiday options, contact us on 1800 800 722. However, In the meantime, we’ve provided a guide below on 3 Norfolk Island holiday essentials to help you with your planning. 


Needless to say, accommodation is one of the things you definitely need to book before you arrive at Norfolk Island. Norfolk is a relatively small island, so no matter where you choose to stay, you’ll be in close proximity to any of the activities you want to do. There are over 60 registered accommodation properties on the island to choose from, whether you want to go all out with luxury, if you need something that suits the whole family or if you’re a solo traveller. 

Christian’s of Bucks Point 

One of our favourite accommodation options that will truly make you feel at home is Christian’s of Bucks Point, located high on the hill in Kingston. Christian’s of Bucks Point is a traditional homestead, built in 1914 by a direct descendant of Fletcher Christian who was a master’s mate on board the HMS Bounty. As a 4-star resort, this beautiful home has 3 bedrooms and bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, laundry, and lounge room.  When it comes to entertainment, there is no shortage of gadgets, with an Xbox, BOSE theatre surround sound system, satellite TV and DVD all included in the home. Finally, the spacious veranda offers a space for you to sit back and enjoy the stunning ocean views. 

Crest Apartments

The Crest Apartments are located just a short drive from the beautiful Emily Bay and have a room option for guests no matter their requirements. Each one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment has a private balcony with incredible views of the valley, with a shared barbeque and laundry available for all guests to use. 

Car Hire 

Anyone that’s been to Norfolk Island before will tell you that car hire is an essential part of your Norfolk holiday. This is because there’s no public transport on the island, so your only way of getting around is via foot or car. The fun thing about driving around Norfolk Island is that it allows you to explore the island at your own place and find areas that would take a long time to walk to. With over 120km of sealed road, there are so many beautiful spots to drive to and stop for a peaceful moment. However, there are a few things you need to know about Norfolk’s road rules before you arrive. Firstly, Norfolk Island has no traffic lights, with the only congestion you may encounter being the local cows wandering across the road. Be mindful, however, as livestock actually have right of way so you will need to stop for them like you would a person at a pedestrian crossing. It’s also customary for drivers to wave to each other when passing by on the road, so remember to offer a friendly wave to your fellow motorists. 

Take Part in a History Tour!

Finally, one of the top activities we recommend doing while on Norfolk Island is to book a history tour of your choice. For those who are unaware, Norfolk Island is rich with Australian settlement history, having been discovered by Captain Cook upon his second voyage to the South Pacific on HMS Resolution. From the events that followed this that lead to the establishment of Norfolk Island as part of Australia’s External Territory, there is so much to explore. Therefore, we recommend partaking in at least one history tour before you leave. One of our must do’s is the World Heritage Norfolk History Tour where you can enjoy a short walk through the site and discover the 230-year-old Norfolk Island story. Alternatively, you can walk through the World Heritage Site at your own pace and explore as you wish. 


To discover more about Spacifica Travel’s Norfolk Island holiday packages, contact one of our friendly team on 1800 800 722. 


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