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How to be a Sustainable Traveller in 2023

Published 24th Apr 2023

The state of our planet and its preservation is a topic that seems to adorn all articles and news stories lately. And for good reason! Without interventions there is no guarantee that the developments we make today will not compromise future generations.

When it comes to travel we know we need to intercede the fast, disposable ways of old and travel with a lighter step to protect environments, communities, and experiences for all those who follow. Sure, it’s a hefty subject that requires more than individual efforts – but the most we can ask of any of our guests to do is to travel more mindfully. Realising that we each contribute to change, either positive or negative, each time we venture outside is just one way that thousands of small steps can result in larger scale impact.

So how do we travel responsibly and become a sustainable traveller? Read on!

Carbon Offsets

Unfortunately, travel is a significant contributor to climate change, with tourism worldwide considered to account for around 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. Each plane trip, taxi ride, hotel stay, full waste basket and night of airconditioned comfort comes at a carbon cost. But there are ways you can offset this!

  • Purchase carbon offset flights and travel tickets where possible
  • Use a carbon calculator to sum your emissions from your travels
  • Purchase carbon offsets by the metric tonne or by dollar amount

Carbon offsets are investments in verified carbon projects that aim to reduce carbon dioxide by capturing existing CO2 or preventing new emissions from occurring. For more resources and information, we recommend Sustainable Travel International.

Reduce Waste

This is one of the simplest changes we can make to the way we travel without effecting the quality of our experiences. As a sustainable traveller you should take a reusable drink bottle with you to refill throughout your journey. This could eliminate in excess of 10 plastic bottles per person from landfill!

In some destinations tourists produce up to TWICE as much waste as locals which can apply pressure to waste management systems, and resulting improper disposal can pollute local wildlife and communities.

Don’t over consume

In many of our South Pacific partner nations there is a limit to their natural resources. It is important to conserve energy and water as much as possible to ensure safe long-term distribution for all. If you are trying to be a sustainable traveller then turn off the lights when you leave the room, open the windows instead of turning on the air conditioning, and take shorter showers.

Support the local economy

This particular sustainable travel guideline may seem confusing to some readers, but the impact is simple. When you are dining in local restaurants and shopping from local vendors, staying at locally owned and run hotels and exploring with local tour operators, you are generating income for the local economy where it can be reinvested. The jobs and infrastructure that are supported by tourism can create positive change for visitors and locals alike.

Mind the flora and fauna

There are many tourism-based activities that take place amongst the exquisite flora and fauna of the South Pacific. Hiking trails, scuba diving, and animal attractions all place the traveller in a position where harm MAY be done to the environment. This is where mindful steps come in to play.

When you wander off an established walking track you may trample vegetation or encourage erosion. When you scuba dive you may accidentally tread on (or kick) corals and be inclined to pick up star fish. All of these things can cause damage, ill health, and habitat change to the very thing that drew you to the activity in the first place!

As a sustainable traveller, safeguard the natural environment by choosing mindful activities with eco-friendly businesses that preserve and conserve.

We can all be better sustainable travel warriors

Part of the journey of becoming a sustainable traveller is sharing these tips and encouraging other visitors to take them onboard too. If we all carbon offset, use less plastic, consume mindfully, shop local, and tread with awareness, imagine what an impact we could have! Our (and more importantly, those of smaller tourism-dependant nations we visit) rivers, lakes and shorelines would be pristine, our wildlife would be flourishing, and we could tell the tales of our travel to our grandchildren and great grandchildren knowing they will be able to marvel at the same beauty too.

For holiday deals with sustainable tourism partners call our team on 1800 800 722, send us an email to or fill in an online enquiry here.

Photos courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme, Samoa Tourism & New Caledonia Tourism

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