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About Us

South Pacific Travel Specialists

Covering a sixth of our entire planet, the South Pacific represents a great portion of the Earth - and yet much of the region remains an untouched paradise. The vast ocean cradles an environment of unparalleled natural beauty, and is home to some of the world’s most unique and diverse cultures. Both above and below the water’s surface, the South Pacific is a profusion of life - from migrating whales and exploding volcanic peaks, to the abundant warmth of the South Pacific people. No other travel destination offers such bounty.
The word ‘bounty’ is significant to Spacifica Travel due to a ship of this name that once sailed into the Pacific Ocean, never to return to Britain. Entranced by the allure of the South Pacific, Fletcher Christian led an infamous mutiny - eventually settling his mixed European and Polynesian crew on tiny Pitcairn Island. Mathew Christian-Bailey, creator and director of Spacifica Travel, is a 7th generation descendant of Fletcher Christian.
For over fifteen years, Mathew and his team at Spacifica Travel have nurtured direct relationships with airlines, hotels, guides and local travel companies across the South Pacific, with the aim to create a boutique travel company – one that not only offers a holiday destination, but provides a Pacific experience; stress-free and smooth sailing from the first contact to the journey back home.
In addition to prompt and personalised attention with no service fees, our expert consultants offer you a value guarantee for each of our twelve destinations. For more information, browse our range of current South Pacific travel packages or give us a call on 1800 800 722.

We know the South Pacific like the frond of every palm