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Lord Howe Island is a pristine, unspoilt gem in the South Pacific. Part of Australia, you can leave your passport at home when you venture to this island paradise, lying just 600 kilometres east of the New South Wales coast. Swap views of high rise resorts for lush, green hills that command your attention and diverse marine environments that will leave you bewildered. While you’re at it, forget about cars, and join locals cycling around this quaint piece of untouched paradise, feeling the gentle Pacific breeze against your skin.  

Lord Howe Island personifies the 'take only pictures and leave only footprints' mantra. Wearing their UNESCO world heritage status as a badge of honour, Lord Howe Island is heaven on earth for the environmentally-conscious. With only 300 residents, all of which are passionate about keeping their home clean and unpolluted, you can’t help but fall in love with the island and embrace the locals' contagious eco-friendly spirit.

There is plenty to do, see and eat on Lord Howe Island, even during the Winter months; for a challenge you won't forget, take on Mt Gower, a Class 5 trek that takes approximately 8 hours to complete. Leaping abruptly from the ocean, this spectacular mountain stands 853m tall, creating a magnificent backdrop for which the island is famous for. Guided by local hero, Jack Schick, marvel as he shares five generations' worth of Lord Howe knowledge, pointing out fauna and flora the keenest eye could miss. Upon reaching the summit, take in the stunning ocean views surrounding the island. More remnant of an oil painting, be mesmerised by the turquoise green and deep blues mixing on the ocean’s canvas. If a full day's hike is not for you, cast yourself beneath the Valley of Shadows. With a prehistoric feel, be humbled by the 20-metre trees making up this mysterious canopy bushwalk.

After admiring the ocean above the treetops, cool off and experience the gorgeous coral reefs up close and personal. Perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts, explore the psychedelic colours of Erscott's Hole, hosting hundreds of dazzling coral and fish species. Once you’re done floating blissfully on the ocean's surface, make a trip to Ball's Pyramid for a diving experience like no other. Located a 20-minute boat ride to the Island's south, this magnificent rock formation jumps out of the pristine deep blue water. With many caverns and caves hidden beneath the surface, discover the rare and wonderful marine life who make this area their home. With turtles soaring gracefully in the shallows and schools of rainbow runners fluttering through the deep coral reef - discover why Ball's Pyramid has reached celebrity status with divers worldwide.

If diving the deeps isn't for you - Ball's Pyramid is also the premier place to experience bird-watching. Bask in the sun and rest peacefully atop the water, watching feathered beauties dance elegantly through the sky.

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