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Spacifica Travel: Head South, Find North

There is something very alluring about the South Pacific – it is more than just the sum of its parts; more than just post-card views, more than just unique cultural experiences and more than just a tropical paradise. The ‘island time’ simplicity and relaxed atmosphere of the South Pacific allows you to unwind, destress and think about life from a different point of view. Suddenly, all the things that seemed important yesterday will drift away in the cool ocean breeze, leaving you feeling light and unburdened. 

We refer to this feeling of enlightenment, or realising your true purpose, as ‘finding your true north’, which is why we believe that when you head to the South Pacific, you will find your True North. This belief underpins everything that we do at Spacifica Travel and plays a centre role in our brand personality and traits which are as follows: 

We are Explorers: 

We know the South Pacific like the frond of every palm – we have explored every single destination that we specialise in. No matter where in the South Pacific you are traveling to, a member of the Spacifica team has been there before you. We’ve stayed in the properties, we’ve taken the tours and we’ve enjoyed the local hospitality. This exploration is what gives us the insider-knowledge to provide the best South Pacific holidays and experiences.  

We are Grounded: 

There are many different cultures and nationalities that call the South Pacific home, and while they vary significantly, you will notice that they all have one thing in common – they are all very grounded. They are humble, they are community-based, they are respectful and they put a much stronger emphasis on forging long-lasting relationships and experiencing life than they do on owning possessions. 

At Spacifica Travel, we aspire to practice these same characteristics in everything we do – from the respect that we treat our customers with, through to the strong relationships that we forge with our suppliers. All our South Pacific holidays are designed to immerse the traveller into the local community and to provide them with a truly authentic and humbling experience. 

We are Outgoing: 

We are confident in our product and our service, and that is conveyed in our friendly and out-going personality. Our team are all professional travel consultants who have been working in the industry for several years. They are genuinely excited about helping you plan your trip and creating a unique South Pacific experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We know that after you’ve visited the South Pacific once, you will keep returning year after year because one trip is never enough to experience everything. 

Our logo: 

Our logo has been developed with a fresh South Pacific look in mind, while being memorable, contemporary and unique to Spacifica Travel. The icon has three distinct symbols. The wave is synonymous with islands and ocean, a person with arms outstretched representing the welcoming nature of the people of this wonderful region and the helpful Spacifica Travel team, and a palm tree signifies the nature and relaxation of the South Pacific and a symbol of life and abundance for our island friends. When all elements combine they form a compass to help you find your true North.

We know the South Pacific like the frond of every palm