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Come to Tahiti – Mother Nature’s Finest Creation 

To experience a Tahiti holiday is to discover the finest creations of Mother Nature. With an abundance of tropical flowers, succulent flavoured fruits, rugged volcanic peaks and swaying palm trees, just being there will feel like you’ve found a slice of heaven.

Being the romance capital of the Pacific, having your wedding here would be like a dream. We have a range of cheap wedding packages and all inclusive family deals, so you can have your perfect big day, with all your loved ones. We can organise luxury resorts or cheap hotels for budgeters, all being within easy distance from Australia. 

Experience Traditional Tahitian Culture 

Experiencing a Tahiti holiday is like taking a course in the enjoyment of living. Tahitian people passionately express their love for life through music, dance, food, dress, crafts and their warm persona. We can arrange all inclusive cheap deals for you and your whole family, allowing you to enjoy this lively culture. 

A Huge Variety of Experiences 

Make conversation with a local, and they will be only too happy to share their islands delights. With huge expanses of white and black sand beaches, crystal lagoons and coral gardens, you will be spoilt for choice of where to go next. 

Cute bungalows can be seen perched over the water, with locals weaving baskets and hats nearby. Get your hands on a hand dyed sarong, for a stunning unique gift. Feast on Poisson cru – which is raw fish marinated in lime with fresh coconut milk, followed by succulent fresh tropical fruit. 

Even though you are only a short distance from Australia, choosing one of our wedding packages or unique resorts will feel like you are a world away. Give us a call today on 1800 800 722 for more information.



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