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Travel Insurance

Peace of mind is an essential part of travel.

More often than not, overseas adventures follow the desired travel plan. Occasionally though, unforeseen situations arise which are beyond your control and often your travel budget. At Spacifica Travel we encourage all our valued clients to purchase travel insurance prior to departure, to assist in those moments when things just don’t go to plan.  

The variables of travel, such as flights, baggage handling and personal health can unexpectedly cause disruption to your travel itinerary, and if uninsured, you will be responsible for covering any medical or other costs resulting from incidents or accidents, sometimes equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At Spacifica Travel we offer SureSave Travel Insurance, a leading Australian insurance provider. SureSave provide 24hr emergency assistance and prompt and professional service wherever you are in the world. The experienced travel consultants at Spacifica are available to answer any of your SureSave insurance enquiries, or provide you with a copy of the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement. As with any insurance policy, it’s imperative to study the policy carefully and understand the benefits and exclusions, ensuring that the policy meets your requirements.

It is our wish that you enjoy a safe and relaxing journey to the South Pacific.

Contact our experts today for a no obligation travel insurance quote, tailored to your specific requirements.