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10 Unique things to do on Norfolk Island

So the list is endless! There is so much to do on Norfolk Island that is different from any of our other island escapes.  Choose from walking, snorkelling, fishing, nature watching and history tours just to name a few. Below we have put together a list of just some of our favourite and more unusual things to do on your next trip.

 1. Find Seclusion.

Emily Bay is the most recognised beach on the island with its beautiful lagoon and soft white sands. Stepping off the beach you are just a few short strokes away from some amazing snorkelling or one of the local surf breaks. But if you want to be the only ones on the beach and don’t mind a little trek to get there, then head over to the north west coast of the island and take the trek down the cliff to Anson Bay.

2. Be on top of the world

Just a short drive up into the national park will bring you to Mount Pitt. From here you can literally see in all directions standing on the very top of a small rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. An amazing place to check out the night sky or take in the sunrise.

3. Watch a ship unload

Truly understand how isolated the island is, by catching the unloading of a Cargo Ship. When a ship is in the harbour and the weather conditions are favourable a call goes out on the morning radio for the men to come down and get to work. There is an old world process on how they achieve emptying the ship with no port to dock at.  A lighter (an open wooden boat), or two for bigger loads, are tugged out to the cargo ship where all the goods are craned downed and then towed back in to either one of the piers. Once craned onto the mainland the cargo is distributed around the island by road.

4. Be a Locavore

Join the movement of people who prefer to eat foods grown or farmed locally or in Norfolk Island terms within a 5x8kms radius. There are a couple of really good ways to do this on island. Firstly meed the goats at Hilli Goat Farm and then sample the cheese. Join the Xtian Brothers Cheese Tour, and meet local brothers Glen and John Christian who run the dairy farm that is produces a  range of tempting cheeses. There is also the Taste of Norfolk Island tour which takes you to the local butcher, a beekeepers home or you can simply pick up some fresh supplies at the Saturday Farmers markets.

5. Kentia Palm - more than a plant

Join the Farm and Industry tour to learn about one of the biggest industries on Norfolk Island after tourism, (can you name the industry here?) See how big the business of exporting Kentia seedlings around the world is. If only you could take a couple home to grow.

6. Tee time with a view

Try your hand at a course that has their 4th hole located next an unstable cliff face, but with an amazing outlook of the sandy beach and Pacific Ocean. The golf course on Norfolk Island is located in the UNESCO World Heritage protected area and has the most spectacular coastal views from almost every fairway. Even non golfers will enjoy the stunning 9 hole course.

7. Watawieh Yorlye?  (Hello, how are you?)

Try your hand at Norf’k (also known as Norfuk). The unique local language that fuses a type of 18th-century English and Tahitian.  Gaye is our local expert and conducts classes especially for Spacifica Travel guests while on the island.

8. Be a plane spotter

It is rare that you can see the whole runway of an airport from one advantage point. So why not be a plane spotter and watch Air New Zealand or the mail run land and take off from the lookout at Mount Pitt.  With 5 services a week from Australia there is sure to be one that happens during your stay.

9. Take in the Cyclorama

Unsure of what a Cyclorama is? It’s a pictorial representation of a landscape or a battle on the wall of a cylindrical room which gives it a spectacular 3D effect. The award winning Norfolk Island Cyclorama brings to life the history of the island’s people and their connection with the infamous mutiny on the bounty. Music and sound effects composed especially for the painting further enhance the experience.

10.  Get involved

Norfolk Island has many special events throughout the year that allows visitors to get involved. Foundation Day, the arrival of the first European settlers and Bounty Day, the arrival of the Pitcairn Islands to Norfolk Island are re-enacted not only for visitors but to keep traditions and history alive. Norfolk Island also hosts a large number of musical (jazz / opera / country) and special interest events each year that ensures something for everyone.

This is just an introduction to the many different things to enjoy while visiting Norfolk Island. If you would like more information about any of these or would like to discuss other options, please get in touch with our team of specialist travel consultants on 1800 800 722.

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