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12 Things to do in Bora Bora


Your Tahitian holiday is booked, bags packed and you’re on your way. But have you thought about what you can do while spending some down time on the beautiful island of Bora Bora? To help you get more bang for your buck we have compiled a list of 12 things you should experience.


1.Dive for your own Tahitian Pearl

Enjoy a unique moment, diving in Bora Bora lagoon to collect your own black pearl. About 20m from the pontoon of the pearl farm, lines of oysters at 2m deep are ready to be collected. Inside each of them, a Tahitian pearl mature after two years of a long process of development. Choose your oyster and the treasure inside is yours.


2.Go on a Shark & Ray Snorkelling Safari

A wonderful and easy way to get acquainted with the sharks, rays and tropical fishes of Bora Bora.  Touch and swim with graceful rays in shallow water, encounter black tip sharks outside the lagoon where you will have the chance to swim with them and snorkel within magical coral gardens to see the vibrant fish life.


3. Experience a Sunset Photo Tour

Set the scene for your romantic rendezvous on Bora Bora lagoon. For more than an hour, a dedicated guide will photograph you posing in front of the most beautiful backdrops while you sail around the lagoon. The best 20 photos are yours to put in your album and take home as a souvenir of your amazing afternoon. As the sun sets learn all about this magical island’s history, legends and secrets before sipping a glass of Coco-Champagne.


4. Take a Jet Ski Tour on Bora Bora Lagoon

Zip around the Bora Bora lagoon on a morning or afternoon Jet Ski tour past overwater bungalows, sailboats and the lush green slopes of Mt Otemanu. Aboard a single or double Jet Ski, you’ll cruise across sparkling aquamarine waters with an expert guide leading the way. There are several stops enroute to ensure plenty of photo ops in this Polynesian paradise. It’s a tour that promises to be full of thrills.


5. Enjoy a Canoe Breakfast

You know you're in Bora Bora when you wake to the sound of a Polynesian song, step out onto the deck of your overwater villa and see breakfast being delivered by a traditional outrigger canoe. While a vahine sets up your dining area, you can be treated to a short row around the pontoons to enjoy the rising sun and turquoise colours in the lagoon. Afterwards indulge in an unforgettable breakfast in paradise.


6. Sample a Traditional Ma’a Tahiti

The Ma’a Tahiti is the traditional Polynesian gathering of friends and family for a large meal. Food is prepared and cooked in a Tahitian oven – an underground pit. The first course served is Tahitian raw fish with coconut milk, then you’ll get to try steamed root crops such as taro, sweet potatoes, yams served with piglet, chicken with "fafa" (taro leaves) and clam meat curry. To follow is dessert, cooked bananas and Po’e, a starchy sweet paste prepared with banana, papaya or pumpkin. It’s a must do cultural experience and one your tastebuds will delight in.


7. Savour a Romantic Dinner at Restaurant St James

Restaurant St. James offers French Polynesian fusion cuisine with breath-taking views of the lagoon. Delight in expertly prepared and beautifully presented dishes of fresh seafood, crisp vegetables, and juicy meat. The relaxed ambiance of the restaurant, complemented by the soft sound of the splash of waves, is the perfect end to a perfect evening.


8. Learn about Bora Bora’s WWII history

A military site in paradise? While this may seem surprising to imagine amid the tropical splendour of Bora Bora, during World War II the United States chose the island as a South Pacific military supply base. An oil depot, airstrip, seaplane base, and defensive fortifications were constructed and a number of large calibre guns were set up at strategic points around the island to protect it against potential military attack. A 4WD Tour will take you off the beaten track to the remaining guns and guide you through the island’s role in this point in history.


9. Participate in a Pareo demonstration at Mama Ruta’s

A Pareo is the Tahitian name for what we know as a sarong, and what better way to learn how to wear one than from a local. Take a tour that stops in at Mama Ratu’s and she will teach you the many ways to wear a pareo, plus show you the traditional methods in which they are dyed. Be sure to purchase pareos for everyone back home and share your tips for wearing them.


10. Indulge in a Spa Treatment

With soothing lagoon waters, air scented of tiare flowers and the blissful tranquillity of the island, Bora Bora offers a ‘spa within a spa’ experience. Choose a spa set in one of these unique settings: a thatched-roof open-air bungalow on the beach, an overwater bungalow with tropical fish parading below, or atop hills overlooking the lagoons. Then settle in for a pampering session using island specialties including vanilla, coconut, frangipani, palm leaves, ocean water, marine mud and seaweed. You’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated in no time.


11. Sleep in an Overwater Villa

You’ve not doubt seen them, the thatched-huts on stilts overlooking a clear lagoon with striking green mountains behind them, they are the picture synonymous with Bora Bora. There are up to 10 resorts in Bora Bora offering overwater accommodations, so you’ll have no excuse for not locking your stay in at one of these amazing holiday accommodations.


12. Celebrate your Special Day

Whether you are getting married, going on honeymoon or celebrating your anniversary, Bora Bora is the perfect place to make the moment even more romantic with many of the resorts offering special packages and bonuses. While the island itself offers enchanting and diverse landscapes, from soaring mountain peaks to turquoise lagoons and coral gardens, that will have you feeling the love.


Feeling inspired to try one of the above? Contact one of our Spacifica Travel consultants to book on 1800 800 722.

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