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3 Unmissable Stops for Solo Travel Fiji

Published 10th Feb 2023

If you are planning on undertaking solo travel in Fiji, then you want to make sure you are going to all the best spots during your one-person adventure. Solo travel can be a great way for an individual to get to know more about themselves, while exploring the world, meeting new people, and making memories that they will never forget. And it just so happens that Fiji is one of the best countries in the world for solo travellers.

The island nation is brimming with exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences for solo travellers to enjoy. However, if you are planning your next solo vacation to Fiji, you want to make sure your itinerary is filled with only the best of the best. Fortunately for you, the Spacifica Travel team have compiled a list of the must-visit destinations to ensure your Fiji holiday is one that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Nadi Zipline Tour

Who doesn’t love soaring through the treetops. This tour will take you through 5kms of interconnected ziplines that criss-cross through the forest, offering spectacular views and unforgettable thrills. You will zip your way from the tops of mountains to the bottom of canyons!

The Nadi Zipline Tour delivers some of the most fun you can have in Fiji, while offering solo travellers the opportunity to meet some new people and explore some of the most beautiful parts of Nadi.

Cloud 9

While being a solo traveller gives you plenty of time to be by yourself, it also presents you with opportunities to socialise and meet new people. And one of the best spots to meet some friendly new faces – all over a nice cocktail or two – is the Cloud 9 bar off Port Denarau.

What makes this bar so memorable is that it is literally floating over the calm waves of the Pacific Ocean. That means you can enjoy your Pina Colada as turtles and other breath-taking marine life swim just below your feet. And, being a bar, Cloud 9 is a great meeting point for other tourists and locals, allowing you to mingle, enjoy a drink, and take in the spectacular views.

Tivua Island Fiji

Tivua Island is a tiny island that you can access via a boat tour from Port Denerau. The island is fringed by white sandy beaches that surround lush vegetation in the middle, and makes for an unforgettable day tour as part of your solo travels.

The boat tour takes about 90-minutes and gives you a great opportunity to enjoy a cold juice, watch the local marine life, and get to know your fellow travellers. Once you reach the island, you can walk around its perimeter, relax on its beaches, or go snorkelling around its coral reefs. However you decide to spend your time on Tivua Island, there can be no question that it belongs on your itinerary during your solo holiday to Fiji.

Staying Safe During Your Solo Travels to Fiji

While Fiji is undoubtedly a great destination to travel by yourself, there are always precautions and safety measures you need to consider when vacationing by yourself. Being alone in a foreign country can be stressful at times, as you are constantly having to put trust in people who you have never met before.

While the vast majority of people you meet in Fiji are incredibly friendly and will want to help in any way they can, make sure you never leave your belongings with anyone you don’t know – especially essential documents and valuables. We also recommend that you always alert someone of your location and movements, especially if you plan to undertake any hikes by yourself. Where possible, structure your travels so that you are spending time in tour groups. This way, you will always be guided by trusted professionals and you will always have the safety of being in a group of people.

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Photos courtesy of Fiji Tourism

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