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4 Reasons to Choose Lord Howe Island’s Capella Lodge

Published 27th May 2022

If you ask us, there are a million reasons why Lord Howe Island’s Capella Lodge should be your next destination. With Australians everywhere travelling again, we recommend you get your foot in the door sooner rather than later. Lord Howe Island is an exclusive paradise, only allowing up to 400 visitors at any one time – which means that you have to act quickly to lock in your spot! But once you do, you are in for a treat.

Lord Howe Island boasts some absolutely stunning displays of natural scenery, which is impressive for an island that is only 14.5 square kilometres. Its small size is actually one of its best attributes, as everything you want to do is easily accessible, and most people travel around the island by bicycle.

This island will transport you to a paradise that is becoming increasingly difficult to find these days. If you want a holiday that actually feels like an escape then booking your stay at the Capella Lodge is the perfect place to start.

1. Secluded Luxury

Capella Lodge is the ideal place to experience secluded luxury on Lord Howe Island. We like to describe Capella Lodge as a luxurious and serene refuge; a getaway that is cloaked in style and sophistication. Visitors look out onto beautiful mountain and sea views, it’s the kind of view that will make your worries melt away. This coupled with the small population of the island and the cap on tourism means that you can truly step away from it all – in style of course.

Whether you choose to take an invigorating hike or relax beachside, Capella Lodge’s in-house day spa will be waiting for you upon your return.  The Capella Spa tailors each of their treatments to your needs and your personal journey to ensure your mind, body, and soul can truly relax.

Capella Lodge will truly up your Lord Howe Island experience – if that is even possible. The seclusion of this island paired with the undeniable sophistication and luxury of Capella Lodge will ensure you have a memorable stay.

2. Perfect for Honeymooners

Capella Lodge is a playground exclusively for the big kids who are looking for a place to get away from it all. In fact, the Lodge is only open for kids ten and over, which means this is the time to cash in on those offers for babysitting and jump on a plane.

And for newlyweds – or frankly, anyone married over the last two years who hasn't gotten their hidden escape in – Capella Lodge ensures you will get away from it all. Honeymooners can gaze adoringly into each other's eyes over an amazing dinner at the Capella restaurant without any screaming littlies interrupting. In this sense, Capella Lodge ensures quality time for those who want it.

Capella Lodge really offers everything you could want out of a honeymoon. Gorgeous accommodations, scrumptious food, and relaxation off the charts are just the beginning. There has never been a more perfect and luxurious place to begin a new chapter in your life, or to just reconnect away from the hustle and bustle of life.

3. Not Far from Home

If you are anything like the many other Australians out there, travelling after two years at home is a little daunting. This is why Lord Howe Island is such a perfect location – it’s a mere two-hour flight off the coast of NSW!

If you let your passport expire accidentally in during the past couple of years, don’t worry! Lord Howe Island is an Australian territory that will welcome you with open arms – no passport required.

So, with those concerns out of the way, it's time to treat yourself. A stay at Lord Howe Island’s Capella Lodge is there to make up for those two years when you weren’t able to truly get away from it all. Now, you can treat yourself to a long overdue escape in utter luxury.

4. So much to do with none of the stress

At Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island, relaxation and adventure meet to provide a holiday you won't ever forget. Your days will be filled with endless activities from hiking the amazing (and well-marked) trails that criss-cross the island, to diving and snorkelling in the island's coral reefs. 

Bird-watching is also a huge attraction for Lord Howe Island, as it is a major landing location for about 14 unique species of bird. These cute little winged friends stop at Lord Howe to mate and raise their young. As such, spring is definitely the best time to visit as cute fuzzy baby birds are plentiful.

After a big day of indulging in everything the island has to offer, Capella Lodge provides a much-needed respite. The spa of course is a must for any weary trekkers to wanting to wind down, closely followed by dining at the Capella Lodge’s stunning restaurant. Capella dining is all about showcasing local produce in the best way possible and is led by the restaurant's head chef who is an avid fisher and forager.

The Jewel of Lord Howe Island

With Capella Lodge, your stay on Lord Howe Island is sure to be an unforgettable stay – one that we are sure will have you rebooking again and again. After the difficulties of the last couple of years, we know you deserve a holiday that meets all your wildest dreams. Capella Lodge is the indulgence and luxury that you deserve – a getaway that you can do in sophistication and style.

Lord Howe Island is the best place to ensure you have everything you could want, so we recommend getting in fast. With only 400 visitors at any one time, spots on this UNESCO site run out fast. So, head over to our website and book now to nab your exclusive luxury holiday before anyone else.

Experience Capella Lodge with Spacifica Travel

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