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5 Unmissable Lord Howe Island Holiday Experiences

Lord Howe Island is a small island packed with unforgettable holiday experiences - and it is only a two hour flight from Sydney. Despite its small size, Lord Howe is a striking natural wonder with a small, lovely local population.
Only 400 travellers are allowed on the island at any one time, which actually outweighs the population of 380 locals. The island’s exclusivity means that travellers will have ample opportunity to make the most of their stay while on their Lord Howe Island holiday.
If you are planning on holidaying to this little island, you should make sure to take advantage of as many of the island’s delights as possible. Whether you’re looking to relax by the sea or find your own secluded piece of paradise, Lord Howe Island accommodation has everything you need to start your stay off in style.
Due to the exclusivity of this holiday hotspot it pays to book your visit this slice of paradise early. To make sure you don’t miss a ‘must do’ experience, we’ve put together some of the most unmissable Lord Howe Island holiday experiences.

1. Feed the fish at Ned’s Beach

This experience sounds modest, but has a unique charm that is unique to Lord Howe’s Neds Beach. At Ned’s Beach, marine life come right up to you in the form of Mullet, Wrasse, Garfish, Silver-drummer, Spangled Emperor and Kingfish.
For a dollar, a dispenser will provide you with healthy and safe fish food that will have these scaled friends coming right up to you. Ned’s Beach allows you to wade into the beautiful waters and get close and personal with the natural wildlife.
Flippers and snorkels are also available at the beach so you can go snorkelling with the fish. The gear is available under an honour system, so be sure to be honest so this great tradition can continue.

2. Take a guided tour

Lord Howe Island offers a huge quality range of holiday experiences in the form of guided tours for both land and sea. These tours are guided by a group of locals and specialists that really highlight the beauty and history of the island.
Nature tours are a great way to experience the island's surroundings in the presence of a professional.
If you are keen on the water, sea tours are also a huge draw for Lord Howe. Several of these sea based tours take place on a glass bottomed boat where you can get up close and personal with the turtles.
No matter your preference, there is no lack of unforgettable guided tours on Lord Howe Island to enrich your experience.

3. Bird-Watching

On Lord Howe Island, bird-watching is an exciting activity filled with wonder and excitement. The island is home to 14 species of seabirds, but is host to more than 130 migratory species.
No matter the time of year, you can always count on an interesting group of birds making Lord Howe their home.
The island also offers guided tours for bird-watching which is highly recommended. In these tours, local specialialists can inform you about interesting facts on the local bird-life.

4. Hike Mt Gower

Hiking Mt Gower is not for the faint of heart, but if you are seeking adventure then look no further. Mount Gower is the highest peak on Lord Howe, and rewards those who get to the top with stunning views.
The hike is only accessible with a local guide and takes 8-10 hours to complete. The hike requires proper shoes and gear, so be sure to prepare before leaving for Lord Howe. The path is unmarked - hence the local guide - but has some amazing flora and fauna that your guide is sure to highlight.
While the walk is extremely demanding, this should not stop you from taking advantage of this incredible opportunity. This activity will leave you with great memories and a strong sense of achievement. We definitely encourage you to relax by the beach as much as possible the next day!
If you are not up for the challenge of hiking Mt Gower, do not be deterred - there are a wide range of easy to moderate walks that will delight you with the scenic views Lord Howe Island has to offer.

5. Hire a bike

Cycling is the optimal way to traverse and explore Lord Howe Island. Cars are very limited on the island and the fastest they can travel is 25km per hour. This means that the 13km of bike paths and roads are very safe and easy to navigate!
With your hired bike - which is easily accessible on the island - you can explore the beaches, local delicacies, and beautiful forest. Popping from beach to beach, cycling to a lunch spot, and then spending an afternoon cycling around the island is a great way to spend a day on Lord Howe.

Lord Howe Island: A non-stop adventure

Lord Howe Island is full of exciting and adventurous activities for travellers to partake in. All of the activities are encouraged by locals, and engage with the community, culture, and history of the island in some way.
If you are looking for holiday experiences that are equal parts beautiful, relaxing, and exciting, then look no further than Lord Howe Island. To plan your next trip, or book your Lord Howe Island hotel, get in touch with Spacifica’s Lord Howe Island experts today.

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