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6 Unmissable Events and Festivals in the South Pacific

The festivals in the South Pacific are as varied as their natural land. From cultural celebrations, historical holidays and world-class sporting matches, experience the diverse events and festivals the region has on offer.

Bounty Day - Norfolk Island

A crucial part of Norfolk's history, take off to Norfolk Island on the 8th of June and experience Bounty Day. Recognised as their 'National Holiday', Bounty day marks the arrival of the Pitcairn islanders in 1856 - descendants of English sailors and Tahitian woman. Visitors are welcomed to join locals celebrate as they re-enact this historic day and show off their true Norfolk charm and hospitality.

Dive Week - Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island’s marine park hosts 500 exotic fish species and 90 different types of coral. As Australia's premier diving destination, the local community has dedicated diving weeks in early December and late February. Take to the other-worldly caverns of Ball's Pyramid or discover vibrant colours in Erscott's Hole - with 80 different diving places to explore, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Noumea Carnival - New Caledonia

Held in mid-August every year, the Noumea Carnival is one of the largest events in New Caledonia. Offering traditional costumes, music, concerts and food, join locals as they parade through the streets in the early evening. All the festivities lead to an explosion of fireworks on the quay, officially marking the end of celebrations. 

'Sevens in Heaven’ Rugby Tournament - The Cook Islands

Hosting some of the best rugby in the Pacific, the Cook Islands International 7s is one of most awaited sporting events in the region. With 20 mens and 6 womens teams, the 3-day international tournament draws families together as they eagerly await to see who takes out the championship. To cut through the tension, audience members can participate in a novelty costume contest and the ANZ Dash for Cash. 

Hibiscus Festival - Fiji

Experience the ultimate Fijian cultural immersion and visit during the Hibiscus Festival. Families flock to Suva every August to experience live music, dance and the amusement park. Browse stalls and enjoy free entertainment, all in the lead up of crowning 'Miss Hibiscus.'

Naghol Land Diving - Vanuatu

Naghol is the ancient ritual of land diving that takes place on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu. Naghol is also the inspiration behind the modern-day extreme sport of bungee jumping, which was invented after the creator AJ Hackett witnessed this amazing feat.

The land diving, which takes place between April and June each year, involves jumping from tall towers or structures (usually 20 – 30 metres high) with a vine tied to their feet. A special type of vine which has some elasticity is used, which is why the event is seasonal.

The ritual has significant meaning for the people of Vanuatu – it is steeped in legend and is believed to bring a good yam harvest and fertility for men. It also used to signify the progression into manhood.

Experience the South Pacific:

The team at Spacifica Travel specialise in the South Pacific region and have expert knowledge of all the different events, festivals and celebrations that happen year-round. If you are interested in traveling to the South Pacific and would like some advice regarding the best destination to suit your interests, budget and travel dates, please get in touch with us on 1800 800 722.

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