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A Guide to the Best Fiji Holiday Packages: Experience the Best of Paradise

Published 3rd Mar 2023

Fiji is a dream destination for many Australians, but finding the best Fiji holiday packages can be a difficult endeavour.

A Fiji holiday is one filled with long days by the beach, excellent food, exciting adventures, and lifelong memories. A Fijian holiday package should take the guesswork out of your trip and allow you to truly soak up the relaxing energy of this destination.

The good news is that our team at Spacifica Travel works hard to make sure your holiday packages truly make you feel like you're on holiday. No matter your budget, group type, or energy levels, we make sure that there is a holiday package that will suit you.

We have compiled a few ideas of what to look for to ensure you are getting the best deals and best experience.

Packages That Offer Great Value

We all want a holiday that won’t break the bank, and holiday packages are actually great value.

For us, when finding a package for someone looking for value, we always seek a deal that includes meals. Food is a hugely expensive part of a holiday, especially if you are staying in a resort and even more so if you are in a family or group. Three meals a day at a restaurant can really add up.

If you can find a holiday that includes meals, then that will cut costs immensely.

A package that includes a good range of fun activities, or that pays for your travel to Fiji is also worthwhile.

Packages for the Thrill Seeker

If you are someone who loves adventure and is seeking a non-stop thrill ride, then you should be seeking packages that are based on the mainland.

The Fiji mainland is home to the Coral Coast and is where you are going to find the bulk of the adventure activities. Ziplining, diving, surfing, skydiving - the list goes on. If an activity is going to be found on another island, the Coral Coast is also the best place to base yourself as it is a central hub for Fiji travel.

It is also worthwhile looking for Fiji holiday packages that offer fun activities or tours. Many of the packages will include activities, but don’t be afraid to look into what each package offers! If you want specific details or want to talk through the activity, our friendly team is always happy to chat that through with you.

Packages for the Family

Finding a family friendly holiday package in Fiji is very easy. Fiji is a great holiday destination for families in part due to the fact that it is so well established. You will find everything you and your family could want and need.

Our top recommendation of things to look for in your family holiday package is kids club, nanny services, kid friendly activities, and meals included. It is also worth doing your research into what kind of kids activities the resort might offer, as some are very culturally focused and offer great learning opportunities for kids.

Packages for Honeymooners

For those looking for a luxury honeymoon, the first thing you should always seek out is an adult only resort. These resorts will be quieter, more private, and will be more in tune with your interests.

It is also worthwhile finding a holiday package that will include your relaxing couples activities. Think spa treatments, massages, and private dinners. There are always a range of luxury and lower budget resorts that offer this, so depending on your budget, you should be able to find something that suits you.

Fiji Travel: The Whole Package

If you are thinking about travelling to Fiji, a package is really the best way to go. Fiji is very oriented around the resorts and your food, accommodation, and activities will be found there. Using a holiday package will optimize and streamline your holiday so you can get straight to the relaxing and enjoying part of your trip.

If you want to find out more about our Fiji holiday packages, talking with one of our Fiji travel experts will help find the perfect one for you. Contact our friendly team today on 1800 800 722

Photos credit of Fiji Tourism & Sigatoka River Safari

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