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Discover What Norfolk Island is Famous For

Published 15th Mar 2024

Even if you know the basic information about Norfolk Island, you may not be aware of what the island is famous for. Despite being a small island in terms of both population and geographical size, a Norfolk Island holiday goes big on memorable experiences while immersing yourself in a rich history and culture that goes back hundreds of years.

At Spacifica Travel, we offer a range of unmissable Norfolk Island holiday packages that highlight all the incredible things this small island off the coast of Australia has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the main historical, cultural, and natural attractions that make Norfolk Island so famous.

12 Reasons to Visit Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island holidays quickly fill up with things to see and do, ensuring it is right up there with other iconic South Pacific holiday destinations. Here are twelve reasons why Norfolk Island is famous amongst travellers around the world.

Bounty Mutineers

Norfolk Island’s history is brimming with the exciting stories of how the island was inhabited in the first place. In 1787, the HMS Bounty set sail from England for the Islands of Tahiti. Only, in 1789, a mutiny occurred led by Fletcher Christian that resulted in all the mutineers living on Pitcairn Island. They lived there for several decades before deciding to relocate to Norfolk Island in 1856.

Today, you can visit the Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama on Norfolk Island to see an amazing 360 degree painting that brings to life the events of the Bounty Mutiny.

Pitcairn Settlers

After the descendants of the Bounty Mutiny decided to leave Pitcairn Island in search of more space, they arrived at Norfolk Island in the mid nineteenth century. To this day, when you holiday in Norfolk Island, you are likely to come across descendents from those initial Pitcairn Settlers, including Christians, Quintals, McCoys, and others. 

To find out more about this part of Norfolk Island’s history, we recommend you pay the Pitcairn Settlers Village a visit.

Norfolk Island Pine

The moment you spot Norfolk Island from the air, the first thing your eye will be drawn to is the verdant green of the tall pine trees dotted around the island. Norfolk Island Pine is endemic to the island and can be found just about anywhere you turn. Be sure to visit Emily Bay to see Lone Pine, a solitary Norfolk Island pine standing at the entrance of the bay that is estimated to be 650 years old.

Emily Bay

No Norfolk Island travel is complete without a visit to the stunning Emily Bay. While it is the most well-known bay on the island, it often doesn’t have a lot of people there. You’ll find picture perfect sand, calm waters, pine trees, historic sites, snorkelling opportunities, glass-bottom boat tours, and even a raft floating in the middle of the bay where you can often see locals jumping into the waters.

Norfolk Island National Park

This is the place to see Norfolk Island’s unique flora and fauna. From the picturesque Botanic Garden to the historical Captain Cook Monument, you can easily spend a day exploring the park’s many walking trails and ideal spots for bird watching.

Local Cuisine

You will also come across traditional Tahitian recipes inherited from the Bounty Mutineers such as banana phili. If you’re a serious food lover, then you should also spend some time going on one of Norfolk’s many food tours, including the Farm and Industry tour, Taste of Norfolk, or the Greenfingers Tour.


Locals on Norfolk Island have their own unique language called “Norf’k Laengwig”. Brought over by the Pitcairn Settlers, some locals still speak this language and you can pick up on its basics by taking a language class. We’ll help you out with the most common greeting. Watawieh means hello!


If you want to explore more of the island’s history, cultural, and interesting facts, make sure to visit one of the island’s many fascinating museums.

  • Bounty Museum - a treasure trove of information dating back to the 1700s
  • No. 10 Quality Row - a georgian House built for the Foreman of Works in 1844
  • Commissariat Store - enjoy the archaeological remains that have been collected from around the Kingston Area

With all these great museums, we recommend getting a museum pass so you can visit as many as possible during your Norfolk Island holiday.

Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area

A World Heritage Listed location that is a living showcase of Polynesian, convict and Pitcairn Islander history. This is the place to visit the island’s museums, Georgian buildings, and convict sites including the ruins of the gaol. As one of the most significant locations on the island, you owe it to yourself to visit the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area at least once during your Norfolk Island holiday.


Norfolk Island is famous around the world for being a bird watcher’s paradise. You’ll find bird species here that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. The most iconic of these is the Green Parrot - but there are plenty of other wonderful species to be found all around the island.

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a smaller island located just 6 kilometres off the coast of Norfolk Island. This island is perfect for any bird watchers, as migratory seabirds such as the black-winged petrels, sooty terns, and the black noddies breed there.

It is worth noting that visiting Phillip Island requires a certain level of mobility, as exiting the boat onto the island can be challenging and accessing the island requires climbing on rope ladders.

Annual Events

There’s a huge range of events that happen annually on Norfolk Island, including sporting, arts and history. Some highlights include:

  • March 6: Foundation Day which celebrates the arrival of the first settlers
  • June 8: Bounty (Anniversary) Day celebrates the arrival of the Bounty mutineer descendants in 1856
  • Last Wednesday of November: Thanksgiving Day is a longstanding tradition that stems back to the American whalers

While there is no bad time of the year for a Norfolk Island holiday, it may pay to time your visit around one of these exciting annual events.

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