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Holidaying in Fiji: Things to Do, See, Eat and Experience

Holidaying in Fiji will transport you to an enchanting tropical paradise brimming with natural wonders, unforgettable activities, and a rich cultural experience. This South Pacific island nation has no shortage of incredible experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. From exploring a vibrant underwater world to eating the local cuisine, your Fijian holiday itinerary will soon be packed with things to do, see, eat and experience.

Spacifica Travel is well acquainted with the wonders of Fiji, and we are more than happy to impart some knowledge on our favourite things to do during your holiday in this magical country. So grab your holiday planner and write down these great ideas for your next Fijian getaway.

Things to Do While Holidaying in Fiji

It can feel a bit overwhelming when planning what to do on your Fiji holiday. For a small island nation, Fiji certainly isn’t lacking for exciting and memorable activities to fill your days there.

If you aren’t afraid of getting a bit wet, then Fiji has some of the best snorkelling spots in the entire Pacific Ocean. The islands of Fiji are surrounded by colourful coral reefs teeming with mesmerising fish and other marine life. Strap on your snorkelling gear and explore this amazing world beneath the waves.

After you have conquered the ocean floor, why not take to the skies in one of Fiji’s amazing helicopter tours? From up here, you will have a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous islands and reefs below, while getting a real sense of the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. While it may not be the cheapest activity, a helicopter tour over Fiji will offer you a truly unique perspective that you will never forget.

Things to See While Holidaying in Fiji

Everywhere you look, Fiji is filled with natural wonders that are a treat for your eyes. Make sure your phone has enough charge when you leave your accommodation, because you are going to want to take plenty of photos on your Fijian holiday in 2022.

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a great spot to see some of Fiji’s most eye-catching vegetation and plant life all in one place. The garden gets its name from the neighbouring mountain, or the “Sleeping Giant”, that towers over the sea of flowers, orchids, and lily pads that make up the garden grounds. You can easily spend an afternoon here wandering through the garden at your own pace and taking in all the natural beauty that surrounds you.

While it may sound simple, there is something truly magical about witnessing a sunset over the horizon while relaxing on a Fijian beach. The colours are striking, the atmosphere is romantic, and watching the sun fade away presents a great opportunity to reflect on the day you’ve had while enjoying being in such a beautiful place in the world.

Things to Eat While Holidaying in Fiji

Prepare your taste buds, because you are going to be eating some delicious local cuisine during your Fijian travels. Here are some of our favourite Fijian meals that you have to try while visiting the country.

  • Lovo – a traditional Fijian cooking technique that bakes either chicken or fish wrapped in banana leaves and placed onto heated rocks inside an earth oven.
  • Fijian curry – Fiji has a large Indian population meaning there are a wealth of delicious curries that have been tailored to suit local ingredients.
  • Kokoda – a refreshing dish that involves raw fish soaked in lemon or lime juice and garnished with spring onions, capsicums and tomatoes.
  • Cassava chips – Cassava is a popular Fijian root vegetable similar to potatoes that is often boiled and deep-fried into delicious chips.

While these local dishes may taste different to what you’re used to, you will quickly learn to appreciate the unique flavours of Fijian cuisine.

Things to Experience While Holidaying in Fiji

When holidaying in Fiji, it is important to immerse yourself amongst the local culture. This way, you can truly experience and appreciate the richness of this country’s heritage, history and people.

The Fiji Culture Village is a mock village set up just outside of Nadi and gives visitors the opportunity to partake in some traditional Fijian activities. Here, you will learn about weaving, fire making, and building traditional village huts and temples.

Finally, you can spend your evening watching a traditional Fijian fire dance. This spectacular performance will take your breath away as dancers twirl fire sticks around in time with a hypnotic drum beat.

Book Your Fijian Holiday with Spacifica Travel

Spacifica Travel can help you decide on the best things to do when holidaying to Fiji. Contact us today on 1800 800 722 to book your next unforgettable Fiji getaway!

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