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Must do Festivals and Events in the South Pacific

Published 2nd Feb 2024

South Pacific festivals are opportunities for communities to showcase and take pride in their cultural heritage. Traditional dances, music, and art forms are often highlighted, allowing locals to express and preserve their unique identity. These festivals are characterised by an overwhelming sense of joy and celebration as people come together to revel in the moment, creating an atmosphere of happiness and camaraderie.  Given the South Pacific's stunning natural beauty, festivals often incorporate a connection to the environment with activities that honour and respect the land and sea.  Read on below to find out about some of the colourful festivals on offer in the South Pacific.


Samoa holds many events during the year including, the Jazz and Arts Festival, Apia Arts and Crafts Festival, and Palolo Festival to name a few.  One of the biggest events in the Samoan calender is generally held in September. The Teuila Festival, is named after the national flower Red Ginger, where you will experience a range of dance competitions through to siva afi (fire knife dancing). There are demonstrations of traditional Samoan arts, crafts, tattooing, and of course, lots of local food prepared in traditional ways! The festival ends with the Miss Samoa Pageant with the crowning of Miss Samoa.


Vanuatu celebrates various cultural festivals throughout the year and provides an opportunity to experience the vibrant customs, music, local culture, and traditional dance. One of the most mind-blowing festivals is the Nagol Festival otherwise known as Land Diving which is held April to June.  Nagol, or land diving, is a traditional ritual where men tie vines to their ankles and jump from tall wooden towers ranging in height from 20-30 metres. This age-old practice is believed to ensure a good yam harvest and is a thrilling spectacle for visitors. Some even say this is the earliest form of bungy jumping that has become popular today.

Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and whilst there are not a lot of festivals, the ones they do have, showcase Tahitian life and offer a glimpse into the local life and culture.

Heiva i Tahiti in July, is the most important cultural festival in Tahiti. The event includes traditional dance performances, singing competitions, sports events, and traditional ceremonies.

Tahiti Pearl Regatta in May is a major sailing event that attracts sailors from around the world. Not only a stunning place to sail in the crystal clear, calm blue waters but a fabulous destination for a spectator, as you take in the racing and the beauty of Tahiti.

2024 will also see Tahiti host surfing at the Olympics 2024. This will be held at Teahupo’o Reef Pass, Tahiti.  Tahiti has been a surfing mecca for the past couple of decades hosting Pro Championship events with the likes of Kelly Slater, Mark Occhilupo and Andy Irons tearing up the waves.


Fiji is known for its vibrant culture, local traditions, music, and cuisine and hosts many festivals each year.

The Bula Festival, Nadi, is a week-long celebration featuring parades, cultural performances, and various competitions held in July. You will experience local hospitality and will come away feeling like a local.

Fiji Day is celebrated on October 10th and marks the anniversary of Fiji's independence. Festivities abound in all local cities and towns.

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated with much enthusiasm as Fiji has a huge Indian population, generally falling in October or November with celebrations held in both Suva and Nadi.

Cook Islands

Te Maeva Nui, celebrates resilience and heritage. Held annually during July and August, Te Maeva Nui commemorates the Cook Islands’ self-governance with a variety of cultural performances, colourful parades, and traditional sporting events, offering a truly comprehensive cultural experience.

How do I book?

These are just a few of the many events that can be found in the South Pacific Islands.   You will come away with a heart full of love and lasting memories, whether it's through cultural performances, delicious food, or the warmth of the community.  Contact our team on 1800 800 722 or email to book a holiday to one of our 12 South Pacific destinations and maybe tie it in with a festival.  


Photos courtesy of Samoa Tourism & Vanuatu Tourism


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