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My next holiday: Samoa or Fiji?

Published 20th Mar 2024

Across the South Pacific lie myriad of islands waiting to welcome you to their sun-drenched shores. Often the hardest part of planning your elysian escape is choosing where to visit first! Fiji has been a stalwart for beach loving travellers for decades, while Samoa has become increasingly in-demand in recent years. But what’s the difference between the two, and what would suit you best? That’s where we come in. As the experts in South Pacific holidays we have all the know-how to help you make your holiday the best it can be. If you’re wondering if our Samoa holiday packages are the best fit for you or if Fiji holiday deals might be more your style, then read on – or give us a call for tailored information!


Finding somewhere to stay


In this untouched destination you’ll find a large array of smaller, family run properties. This means small numbers of guests, intimate service, and a welcoming community feel. Think bungalows nestled in lush gardens, beside rolling seas, and only a handful of other people around.


If you are looking for brand name hotels or full facility resorts then Fiji is the pick for you. Across the country, from the mainland to the Mamanucas and beyond, there is a plethora of accommodation standards and price points to choose from. Think day spas, golf courses, kids clubs and international standard hotel rooms.

Note: While it’s still not common place to have wheelchair accessibility you will find there are more options that cater to this requirement in Fiji than in Samoa.


Food is proven to be a key memory maker and this rings true for holidays too. Can you remember the best meal you ate on each trip away? We bet you can! So what is the food like in these destinations? It’s surprisingly similar!


Taro is a locally grown root vegetable that is eaten frequently in Samoa alongside local dishes such as sapasui (chop suey), pisupo (corned beef), and palusami (coconut cream and onions cooked with taro leaves). The Samoan currency is Tala and currently one Australian dollar equates to around 1.8 Samoan Tala making dining out in Samoa slightly more affordable than in Australia.


Fijians also enjoy root crop like taro, fruits like coconut, and the famed local dish ‘Kokoda’ (raw fish). Because of the Indian heritage of many of its inhabitants there is also a large Indian food influence with curry a staple serving too. Remember that because of the brand name establishments in many places that dining from resorts is often significantly more expensive than dining in a local restaurant. Fiji operates on the Fijian dollar, and one Australian dollar currently equates to around 1.4 Fijian dollars.


The backbone of most Pacific communities lies in its culture, traditions and values. Based on the geographical location and beliefs of the ancestors, Samoa and Fiji have distinct cultural differences.


The heart of Samoa is its Polynesian culture which centres around family, land, and spirituality. They follow fa’a Samoa – the Samoan way of life. It is community centred and without ego and strongly upholds the matai (chiefly) system and importance of the church.


The Melanesian people of Fiji came from more of a warrior background and are shaped by honour, bravery, and the sharing between all people. The bula spirit welcomes guests to share all it has – including it’s welcoming nature and big smiles. With it’s history of Micronesian, Indian and Chinese settlements and migration, Fiji is a diverse and multicultural society.


Both nations have a range of endemic species and rich, biodiverse natural wonders. So as a nature lover are you more suited to Samoa or Fiji? It depends on which type of animals you find most exciting!


In Samoa there are a number of endemic bird species that attract twitchers from across the globe, among other rare species:

  • Manumea – the ground pigeon, known as the “Little Dodo”
  • Polynesian Sheath-tailed Bat
  • Pacific Boa


Home to a number of unexpected wild species such as crocodiles and mongoose, Fijji’s national animal is actually the Collared Lory bird. It is also home to:

  • The Banded Iguana
  • Bolo Snake
  • Monkey-Faced Bat

Samoa or Fiji? Why not both!

The accommodation, food, culture and wildlife in Samoa and Fiji may help you decide which country best suits your dream South Pacific getaway. Check out our deals if you’re ready to book. If you’re still having trouble deciding, however, then why not choose both! Fiji Airways offer flights to both Apia in Samoa and Nadi in Fiji, perfect for a multi-destination itinerary! Call us at Spacifica Travel on 1800 800 722 and we would love to help you secure these fares and your ideal holiday.

Photos courtesy of Samoa Tourism & Fiji Tourism

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