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Norfolk Island in Every Season: A Year-Round Destination

Published 9th Feb 2024

No matter which season you choose to have your Norfolk Island holiday, you are guaranteed a vacation brimming with exciting adventures, fascinating cultural experiences, and a climate that doesn’t fluctuate too much across the twelve months of a year. That’s the beauty of Norfolk Island - it’s a genuine year-round holiday destination that always has something to offer.

At Spacifica Travel, we offer holiday packages to Norfolk Island throughout the year that showcase the beauty of this small, but endearing island. Let’s take at what Norfolk Island offers across the year, so you can time your holiday to include all the seasonal activities and events you wish to experience.

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Norfolk Island

When planning your Norfolk Island travels, it’s only natural to ask yourself “when is the best time of the year to visit?”. The simple answer is that there is no “right or wrong” time to visit Norfolk Island, as the island is well suited for holidays twelve months a year. With a comfortable subtropical maritime climate and events that take place throughout the year, Norfolk Island is always a great destination for a vacation.

Temperatures on Norfolk Island typically peak around 25 degrees celsius during the warmer months, with lows averaging around 13-15 degrees celsius in winter. In general, there isn’t a major climate fluctuation throughout the year, ensuring ideal weather conditions regardless of when you visit.

The busy season at Norfolk Island is between October and April, meaning it might be slightly more difficult to find accommodation or book your spot in tours during these months. With that said, the island rarely suffers from overcrowding, making it a wonderful place to escape to all year-round.

Seasonal Events and Activities on Norfolk Island

One of the most famous annual celebrations on Norfolk Island is Bounty Day, which acknowledges the arrival of the Pitcainers on June 8, 1956. The Morayshire landed on Norfolk Island on this day, bringing with it the entire population of Pitcairn after they had outgrown their original home island. This event is celebrated each year with the locals of Norfolk Island dressing in traditional nineteenth century attire, re-enacting the original landing, before walking through Kingston and enjoying a picnic. In 2024, Bounty Day will be celebrated on Monday, June 10.

Snorkelling and swimming can be enjoyed on Norfolk Island, regardless of what season you visit. Naturally, the waters will be cooler in winter, but you can bring your own wetsuit or hire one on the island to help mitigate the cold and enjoy the vibrant underwater world surrounding Norfolk Island.

Visiting Norfolk Island in 2024

2024 promises to be another great year for a holiday in Norfolk Island with a calendar filled to the brim with exciting upcoming events. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights over the next twelve months:

  • March 6: Foundation Day - a public holiday on Norfolk Island that celebrities the landing of the first settlers on the island in 1788. The day will include a historical re-enactment and other celebrations in Kingston.
  • May 10-18: Castaway Pairs Baunti Tours Gold Tournament - a great event for all golf lovers, where you enter the tournament in pairs and play three different types of games over three days.
  • August 10-17: Social Croquet Convict’s Cup - a great chance to participate in a social croquet tournament.
  • 14 October: Royal A & H Show Day - experience the wonderful agricultural and horticultural works created by Norfolk Island locals.

There is so much more to experience throughout the year on Norfolk Island. You can find out more about upcoming events by booking a Norfolk Island holiday package with Spacifica Travel today.

Travel to Norfolk Island with Spacifica Travel

If you are thinking about planning and booking a vacation to Norfolk Island, trust in the South Pacific experts at Spacifica Travel to provide you with a holiday that meets all your needs. Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help! Photos courtesy of Norfolk Island Tourism


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