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Our Top 10 Thing to Do on Cook Islands Holidays

Published 10th May 2022

Planning a Cook Islands holiday can quickly become overwhelming with the number of spectacular sights, activities, and experiences you can enjoy on these South Pacific Islands. There is simply so much to do, and precious little time to fit it all into a single holiday.

That’s why we’ve decided to present our top 10 favourite things to do on Cook Islands holidays. From exploring serene beaches to immersing yourself in traditional Polynesian culture, here are the things that you absolutely have to do on your next Cook Islands holiday.

Visit Muri Beach

When you picture the quintessential Cook Islands beach, you are probably picturing Muri Beach. Located on the southeast shores of Rarotonga, this mesmerising beach opens up to a gorgeous lagoon that sparkles in the sunlight. Swim, snorkel, or simply lay on the golden sands as you take in the undeniable natural beauty of this renowned stretch of beach.

Explore Aitutaki Lagoon

Aitutaki may be the second-largest island in the Cook Islands, but its lagoon is what draws so many people to visit. There may be no location on Earth that resembles paradise as closely as this lagoon. Not only are the glowing-aqua waters and vibrant marine life captivating, but there is an abundance of unforgettable activities to be enjoyed in and around the lagoon. You can obviously swim, snorkel, or kayak in the water, but there’s also bonefishing and island tours to fill your days in this slice of heaven.


Speaking of bonefishing, the Cook Islands is truly one of the best locations in the world to try your hand at catching these beautiful fish. Hire a local guide and hit the waters to attempt to catch one for yourself.

Walk the Cross Island Hike

Moving back onto dry land, hikers will love undertaking the cross island hike up to Te Rua Manga, a pinnacle rock that also goes by the name The Needle. Once you reach this stunning rock, you will have some of the best views across Rarotonga, but the journey there is worth it alone. Along the way, you’ll be immersing yourself with some of the island’s most beautiful native flora and fauna.

Visit Black Rock Beach

If you don’t feel like climbing a mountain to see some breath-taking rock formations, then pay a visit to Black Rock Beach on the northwest coast of Rarotonga. The towering volcanic rocks here are a sight that can’t be missed, especially when paired with the blinding white sands on which they sit. Older than the entire culture of the Cook Islands people, these rocks harken back to prehistoric times and should be near the top of your list for your next Cook Islands holiday.

Marvel at the Maire Nui Gardens

You simply cannot visit the Cook Islands without taking in its beautiful native tropical flowers. And there’s no better place to experience them than at the Maire Nui Gardens at Ara Tapu in Rarotonga. With over seven acres of colourful flowers, a quaint café, and stunning views of the surrounds, you won’t want to leave these gardens after you arrive.

Go to Cook Islands Marine and Wildlife Eco Centre

Worried about having to spend an entire rainy day at your accommodation? Visit the Cook Islands Marine and Wildlife Eco Centre instead, where you can get up close to some of the most beautiful wildlife in the region. From turtles to stone fish to coconut crabs, the unique and fascinating wildlife of the Cook Islands never fails to impress.

Go Shopping at the Punanga Nui Market

Spend your Saturday mornings at these authentic markets in Avarua, Rarotonga. Bustling with locals and stall-owners, these markets sell everything from fresh produce to clothing and trinkets that you can take home as a memory of your Cook Islands holiday.

Explore the Cook Islands Library and Museum

The history of the Cook Islands and the incredible culture that has flourished here is a storied and fascinating one. There’s no better place to learn everything you need to know about these majestic Pacific Islands than at the Cook Islands Library and Museum. Run by local volunteers, they have done an excellent job in capturing everything that makes these islands so magical.

Plan a Cook Islands Holiday with Spacifica Travel

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