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Polynesian Culture

Published 16th Nov 2023

The South Pacific region consists of a vast ocean decorated with tropical islands that make all visitors envious of its natural beauty. While famous for stunning scenery, crystal-clear waters and volcanic mountains, many visitors also leave with a cultural experience unmatched anywhere else in the world. When it comes to an authentic travel experience, few destinations can beat the traditions of the many Polynesian Islands.

Polynesia is the largest sub-region in the Pacific. Forming a triangle between New Zealand, Easter Island and Hawaii, the region encompasses nations such as Tonga, Samoa, the Cook Islands and Tahiti, just to name a few. Being natural migrators, this beautiful group of travellers used the stars to navigate themselves from their east Asian roots many centuries ago. Now spread across many independent island states, strong connections still exist between the beautiful Polynesian people.

Polynesian Cultures, Traditions and Beliefs:

Although spread across the Pacific, all Polynesians are known for their strong sense of family. With a rich ancestral history, worshipping their forefathers has given the reverence of kin a deep, spiritual meaning. Only strengthened by modern Christian influences, locals display family ties even in business - don't be surprised if your hotel manager is your tour guide's cousin. Placing such pride in their relationships, expect to be asked about your home life, as locals stare with beaming smiles, awaiting your answer.

Another tradition which is prevalent across all of Polynesia is dance. Despite varying in style, dance is making a comeback after being reprimanded by European colonies. Although with some modern twists, witness the natural rhythm that encapsulates the Polynesian spirit. Go to Samoa and witness the story-telling Siva, with its slow hand movements that relate a narrative. Or, to be truly mesmerised, observe the fast hip movements of Tahitian dance. Whichever island you visit, be greeted by the effortless dance moves echoing ancient times.

What would dance be without music? Communal singing is part of what gives each island its unique personality. With their natural talents and gospel-like voices, a Sunday visit to church will leave you mesmerised, particularly in Samoa and Tonga where the religious influence has resulted in raft-raising harmonies.

Another strong element that ties all the different Polynesian destinations together is their seafaring skills – sailing large canoes known as ‘Vaka’, Polynesians famously used their sophisticated navigation techniques to search for new land. Much of Polynesia’s history is tied in with the Vaka, with thrilling stories of bravery and strength being common across all the individual nations. One such story, of the 7 Vaka, tells the tale of how the final 7 canoes set off from the Cook Islands and made their way to New Zealand, and that is how Maori culture got there.

Experience Polynesian Culture:

Embracing the culture of Polynesia provides an enriching experience like no other. Each island, with its unique traditions and practices, offers diverse encounters for visitors. Whether it's enjoying Cook Islands holidays, exploring with Tahiti holiday packages, or immersing yourself in Fiji holiday packages, you're bound to encounter authentic Polynesian experiences that are culturally enlightening and deeply personal.

Cook Islands holidays are a journey into a realm where family, community, and traditional values are paramount. In addition to the warm hospitality, the Cook Islanders' heritage is expressed through energetic drum dances, enchanting songs, and vibrant arts and crafts. Their traditions are passed down through generations via storytelling, contributing to the richness of the Polynesian culture.

Meanwhile, Tahiti holiday packages open a window to ancient traditions set against breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Tahitians have a profound connection with the environment around them, reflecting a relationship built on respect and reverence. From their captivating dance form, the 'ote'a, to the art of tattooing, every cultural aspect in Tahiti has a story to tell, deeply rooted in their mythology and ancestral heritage.

When considering Fiji holiday packages, one can't help but think of the 'bula' spirit that embodies the Fijian way of life. Fijian culture is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of community, tradition, and mutual respect. Visitors can participate in a traditional Kava ceremony or witness the Meke, a traditional dance performed to express legends, love stories, history, and spirits of the islands.

Whether you're unwinding by the tranquil lagoons of the Cook Islands, wandering the black sand beaches of Tahiti, or getting lost in the lush landscapes of Fiji or Vanuatu, you are not just experiencing a holiday. You are being drawn into a rich cultural narrative that spans thousands of years, allowing you to see, feel, and understand the spirit of Polynesia in its truest sense.

If you're searching for a holiday with depth, consider exploring the Polynesian culture. These aren't just holidays; they are an immersive cultural journey waiting to be experienced. So, whether it's Cook Islands holidays, Tahiti holiday packages, or Fiji holiday packages you're interested in, the enchanting world of Polynesia is waiting for you to explore. Embark on the journey and let the Polynesian culture fill your senses and enrich your soul.

The team at Spacifica Travel can help you plan and book a truly authentic and unforgettable Polynesian experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life. If you are interested in exploring this region of the world, give our South Pacific specialists a call on 1800 800 722.

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