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Self-Driving South Pacific Holidays

Nothing beats cruising around a tropical island paradise with your holiday playlist blaring, stopping off whenever and wherever you like to explore anything that catches your fancy. A self-driving holiday is a great option for anyone who likes to travel at their own pace – you can fit in as many or as few attractions and experiences into each day as you like.

But if you’re thinking about planning a self-drive holiday in the South Pacific, it’s important to know which destinations are best suited to this style of travel – some islands are too small to warrant hiring a vehicle, while others are so mountainous that you just won’t be able to access all areas without one.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite South Pacific destinations that are well-suited to anyone who loves self-driving holidays.

New Caledonia:

The main island of New Caledonia, Grande Terre, is 400kms long and boasts a coastline that is dotted with quaint country towns on the west, and stunning cliffs and scenery on the east. The best way to explore the far north is by car as there are main roads that run the whole way up the West coast from the capital Noumea. Once you get to the very north, you can travel back south on the East coast until you get to Thio, where you’ll cross inland to head back towards the capital.

This is an amazing way to experience an authentic New Caledonian holiday as you will have the opportunity to see and do things that aren’t available if you stick to just Noumea and Ile des Pins.


Samoa is the perfect self-drive destination and a lot of the natural attractions are easy to find and accessible. You can even take your car from Upolu to Savai’i by ferry to explore the best of both islands. While there are tours and public transport options to get you to some of the more popular attractions like the To Sua Ocean Trench, having a car will give you the freedom to explore some of Samoa’s beaches, jungles and mountains in your own time.

Norfolk Island:

The island of Norfolk is one of rugged natural beauty and due to its many hills and non-existent public transport it is sensible to have a car to get around. Which is exactly why all our Norfolk Island holiday packages include car hire! This tiny island is packed full of more hills then you’d think possible and is also home to lots of hidden beaches, caves, look-outs and hidey holes that you just won’t be able to easily access without your own vehicle.


Many people might be surprised to see Tahiti on this list, because when they think of Tahiti, they think of lots of small islands like Bora Bora. But the main island of Tahiti, as well as the smaller Mo’orea, are both great self-driving destinations, and with a picturesque scene around each corner, having a vehicle of your own will give you the freedom to stop and take pictures wherever you want. If possible, we recommend hiring a 4x4 as this will give you additional access to some of the off-road areas hidden in the mountains.

Book a Self-Driving South Pacific Holiday

The team at Spacifica Travel can assist you in planning and booking the perfect self-driving holiday in any of our South Pacific destinations. We have relationships with local vendors and operators in all our destinations and can add a car hire onto any of our exiting holiday packages. Get in touch on 1800 800 722 for more information.

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