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South Pacific Travels – What to Bring

Who else is looking forward to when international borders finally re-open and we can re-immerse ourselves in the emotional rollercoaster that is planning, booking and preparing for a holiday? The excitement, the nerves, the sometimes worry of what to pack, it’s all part of travel and just one of the many reasons we all enjoy it. When it comes to prepacking, packing and repacking your suitcase before you fly we know you have the essentials covered – passport, lightweight clothing, a good pack, sunscreen etc. To ensure you have one of the best holidays ever we have a few suggestions you might want to consider…..

Your Sense of Adventure

It might sound cliché but when you are travelling to some of the most vibrant and passionate cultures in the world you really do need to travel with an open mind and a sense of adventure. Be welcoming of different histories and day to day lifestyles. Be open to trying new foods, making new friends and trying activities you wouldn’t normally consider trying. Not only will you learn things to take home with you and share with others, you will have fun. And we all know that when you have fun your holiday memories will be some of your best!

A Phrase Book

The people of the South Pacific speak English widely and readily so communicating is of no concern. Nonetheless a few simple phrases in their local language will have these shy people smiling and embracing you as a close friend. There’s no need for an in-depth language class before you depart, or a chunky textbook to carry with you while you travel just a quick lesson on the basics will get you by and some notes jotted down to help you remember while you are there. To see the faces of the locals light up with delight when you greet them with a Kia Ora, Bula or Welkam as you pass by will brighten your day and open the door for more holiday adventures you may not have expected!

Small Denomination Currency

Gone are the days of travellers’ cheques and converting all your travel funds to cash before you travel, even so we still do recommend you change some cash over to the local currency and in particular ensure you have smaller notes and coins at the ready. Most resorts these days will only accept credit cards but when you are out and about exploring the local villages, markets and roadside stalls cash is still king in the South Pacific. There are certainly no eftpos machines and giving change from large denomination notes can be problematic hence why we suggest small notes and coins. It’s a simple business transaction, you purchase the fresh fruits or hand crafted jewellery for a set cash price and the family earns a keep to help them live their village life.

On a side note, you may be tempted to donate to a local village or school and the local community will certainly accept. However, can we suggest that instead of a money donation you consider donating goods? Village schools are always grateful for pencils, notebooks and other stationery items for the children that families may not be able to provide. Families living in the villages would appreciate items such as clothing, shoes (in particular thongs), female sanitary toiletries, and household goods such as pots & pans, torches, batteries and solar lights & chargers. These items can make a difference immediately, one that you can see the moment you hand them over. Who doesn’t like feeling good when away on holiday?!

Reef Shoes

Reef shoes are the most versatile piece of footwear you can take with you when travelling to the South Pacific. Perfect for when snorkelling or walking along a beach that is more rock and crushed coral than white fluffy sand, they are also ideal for when you need to travel by boat. Being a water shoe they have a good sole grip, won’t be ruined by water and are enclosed thus offering your feet protection. Just ideal for when you have to jump into and out of tender boats, sometimes into water, which is a more common mode of transport in the South Pacific then you might think. There’s no lost thongs floating in the Pacific Ocean, no ruined sneakers or dress shoes and no having to carry around multiple pairs of shoes if you are the parent left holding the kids shoes!

A Smile

Our final suggestion is also our most valuable – a smile. A smile is the universal language, and no matter where you are in the South Pacific a smile goes a long way. Giving a smile to the friendliest people in the world will result in you receiving an even bigger smile back, a smile begets a smile and spreads the happiness.  You will also find as a result you are helped more readily when needed, looked after more attentively and treated like one of the family resulting in a second to none holiday experience. So be sure to try more smiles when next in the South Pacific!

If the above has you dreaming of packing for your next South Pacific holiday then head to our holiday packages for some more inspiration of where to head to or call our specialists on 1800 800 722 for a more in-depth discussion.

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