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Tahiti’s Unique Accommodation: From Overwater Bungalows to Lodges

Published 5th May 2023

Tahiti is known around the world for offering some of the most unique vacation experiences on this planet. From its towering mountains covered in rain forests to its serene lagoons brimming with colourful marine life, tourists love taking a Tahiti holiday to enjoy something special and something different.

Another unique aspect of vacationing in the islands of Tahiti is the type of accommodation you may choose to stay in. These islands have become famous for offering some of the most incredible and unique accommodation spots in the South Pacific, and you owe it to yourself to experience one of these amazing spots. At Spacifica Travel, our experts are passionate about sharing what makes Tahiti such a mesmerising place to visit. Let’s highlight some of the islands’ most interesting accommodation options and why they might be perfect for you.

Overwater Bungalow

One of the most iconic images in Tahiti is that of the overwater bungalow. These spectacular structures are found in the resorts dotted throughout Bora Bora and are famous for being perched directly above the stunning lagoons – making you and your travelling party feel like you are existing as part of the Pacific Ocean.

There are a variety of different overwater bungalows to perfectly suit the kind of Bora Bora holiday you want. There are standard overwater bungalows, and those with their very own private plunge pools. No matter which type of overwater bungalow you choose to stay in, you will enjoy a magical and unique experience that will live long in your memory.

Beach Bungalows

A lot of people overlook beach bungalows when finding the best Bora Bora holiday package for them, but these gorgeous accommodation spots shouldn’t be ignored. Beach bungalows – as their name suggests – are located right on one of Bora Bora’s many pristine beaches. They often have large bi-folding doors, either in the master bedroom or living room, that open directly onto the beach. Simply step outside and soak in the breath-taking views and heavenly sunshine.

Some beach bungalows also have their own private pool and courtyard. If you stay in one of these accommodation spots, you can relax in your pool while overlooking the beach and ocean, all within the privacy of your own bungalow. If that doesn’t sound like absolute bliss, we don’t know what does.

Le Nuku Hiva by Pearl Resorts

The final unique accommodation spot we are going to highlight is Le Nuku Hiva by Pearl Resorts. This striking lodge features 20 bungalows that are enriched with the local Marquesan culture in its look and feel. Everything from the decorations to the intricate wood carvings are designed to wisp you away to another world while you are staying here.

The lodge is also perfectly placed to enable your adventures across the island of Nuku Hiva. With its black sand beaches and the charming small town of Taiohae, this island is truly one of the hidden gems of Tahiti. If you want to stay somewhere unique and secluded, then consider adding Le Nuku Hiva by Pearl Resorts to your Tahiti holiday package.

Travel to Tahiti with Spacifica Travel

Tahiti has some of the most unique accommodation spots in the entire South Pacific. If you want to add any of these incredible spots to your Tahiti or Bora Bora package, then trust the experts at Spacifca Travel to find a location you will never forget.

To organise your unique and magical accommodation for your next Tahiti holiday, contact the team at Spacifica Travel today.

Photos Courtesy of Lei Tao, Tahiti Tourisme & Le Nuku Hiva by Pearl Resorts

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