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The Best South Pacific Diving Spots

Head South. Find Depth

The South Pacific is known for its beauty – both above and below the water’s surface. Home to some of the most diverse marine landscapes in the world, the South Pacific is a diver’s paradise. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular diving spots throughout the region – if you want more information about any of these spots or want some help deciding which destination to start with, give our friendly team of South Pacific specialists a call on 1800 800 722 today.

Fiji’s Rainbow Reef: The Soft Coral Capital of The World

Say “Bula!” to the world's best diving destination for soft coral lovers! Fiji’s Rainbow Reef is home to some of the most elaborate and colourful underwater landscapes, mesmerising all who enter its depths. Watch as the soft corals dance effortlessly in the gentle Fijian current while schools of rainbow of fish dart in and out, going about their daily business.

Consisting of almost 30kms of reef and many spectacular diving spots, the Rainbow Reef is home to several natural wonders, the most famous of which is the Great White Wall, an impressive stretch of wall that is carpeted in almost-white corals. Visiting the Great White Wall is an unmissable experience for any diving fanatic visiting the South Pacific, and with overhangs, tunnels and a 70-metre drop-off, it will definitely put your diving skills to the test! 

The Solomon Islands: Wreck Dive

Upon reaching the Solomon Islands, you will be greeted by big, beaming smiles from the locals, only rivalled by the towering, lush mountains leaping from the water. Met with such beauty, it's hard to believe that this Melanesian paradise was home to the most prolonged military campaign in the Pacific during World War II.

Now home to many shipwrecks, the surrounding oceans of the Solomon Islands are a great choice for divers who with a keen interest in history and WWII. Popular dive sites include Toa Maru, Grand Central Station and Iron Bottom Sound.

Vanuatu: Million Dollar Point

It's not just the Solomon Islands that feature remnants of World War II in their waters. Million Dollar Point in Vanuatu has a very similar history, with many of its islands occupied by America during the war. Although differing from the shipwrecks in the Solomon Islands, many vessels and vehicles found in Million Dollar Point were deliberately dumped in the Sea in the late 40s, as the USA failed to strike a deal to sell them.

Million Dollar Point offers divers the best of both worlds, because the wreckage is starting to turn into reef and there are thousands of reef fish who have made a home in the many tanks, cranes, boats and machines.

South Pacific Diving Holidays:

Spacifica Travel specialise in creating unique holiday experiences for our customers, including special interest experiences. For more information or assistance in planning a South Pacific diving holiday, please get in touch on 1800 800 722 today.

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