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Top 5 Fiji Dive Sites

Published 7th Jul 2021

Embarking on a journey to Fiji, the heart of the Pacific Ocean, unveils a world where the vibrant life beneath the waves is as enchanting and diverse as the islands themselves. Fiji holiday packages from Spacfica Travel offer more than just a gateway; they open up a realm where the azure waters whisper tales of marine majesty and underwater marvels. Renowned globally for its unparalleled diving spots, Fiji holidays are synonymous with adventure, serenity, and the exploration of the underwater world. Whether you're planning to travel to Fiji with a heart full of wanderlust or a soul seeking tranquility beneath the sea, the islands promise an escape that transcends the ordinary.

With Fiji travel , enthusiasts are invited to dive deep into the Soft Coral Capital of the World, a title Fiji wears with pride. The island's crystal-clear waters, teeming with an astonishing array of life, offer more than just a dive; they present an expedition into the heart of nature's most beautiful creations. Our Fiji holiday packages meticulously curated for diving enthusiasts aim to cater to every whim, ensuring each moment spent underwater is as unforgettable as the islands themselves.

As we introduce you to the Top 5 Fiji Dive Sites, prepare to be transported to locations where the beauty of the ocean unfolds in a spectacle of colors and life. From the exhilarating shark dives in Beqa Lagoon to the breathtaking soft coral gardens of the Great Astrolabe Reef, each site offers a unique journey into the depths of Fiji's marine biodiversity. A Fiji holiday is where you can immerse yourself in an underwater odyssey where the Great White Wall dazzles with its white soft corals, and the marine-protected Bligh Water reveals a tapestry of marine life unparalleled in diversity and vibrancy.

Shark Dives – Beqa Lagoon

If the idea of getting up close and personal with a variety of shark life sounds like your type of adventure then the Shark Dives at Beqa Lagoon are for you. Beqa Lagoon is located along the Coral Coast, with the dives operating from Pacific Harbour. Our pick would be to base yourself at The Pearl Resort & Spa, this beachfront property is ideally located for the dive departures plus we can pre-book the shark dives directly through the resort so you are locked in and ready to start diving once you arrive. The Shark Dives will have you swimming with different types of sharks including Blacktip, Silvertip, Whitetip, Lemon Bull and occasionally Tiger. You will also have the chance to see over 400 species of reef fish plus moray eels and eagle rays. This dive is a bucket list dive for sure.

Great Astrolabe Reef - Kadavu

The Great Astrolabe Reef is the largest barrier reef in Fiji and the fourth largest in the world. Located around the island of Kadavu, which is situated south of Viti Levu (the main island of Fiji) it is well known for its coral gardens and wide variety of colourful soft coral, as well it’s diverse marine life – reef fish, turtles, sharks and even dolphins and whales! To ensure you don’t miss a thing, Kokomo Island Fiji offers a Dive Discovery Package that includes up to 6 tank dives. And for when you need to rest up after seeing this natural wonder you also receive all meals and non-alcoholic beverages plus a 45 minute spa treatment. It is an inclusive dive package that has you covered.

Great White Wall - Taveuni

The Great White Wall is one of Fiji’s best dive sites and also one of the world’s best. It literally is a white wall of soft corals stretching down beyond 30m. It is also topped with some of the best hard corals around, with prolific reef fish life. Diving the Great White Wall allows you to see a variety of marine life and coral varieties at differing depths. Stay at Paradise Taveuni and you will be able to pre-book your dives with the resort’s in-house dive company, now that’s convenience!

Bligh Water - Rakiraki

This is a stunning spot to try if you are looking for more than just dive sites on your holiday adventure. Bligh Water, also known as The Vatu-I-Ra Passage, is a marine protected area famous for its abundance and diversity of marine life located between Fiji’s two main islands: Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. These sites you will encounter are a mixture of walls, bommies and drift dives, all of which are teaming with life and colour. The sights you will see will be etched in your memory forever! The dive team at Volivoli Beach Resort will look after all your dive requirements and again we can pre-book your dives meaning a seamless holiday experience.

Southern Yasawa Islands

The last on our list of top Fiji dive sites are those located in the Southern Yasawa Islands. These sites are famous for their pelagic encounters, you can dive with reef sharks, see a wide array of fish species, you may even be lucky enough to swim with mantra rays when in season. In addition to the marine life the breath-taking coral gardens off the island’s coastlines are a sight to behold. There are a number of resorts to choose from depending on your accommodation preference, Octopus Resort, Paradise Cove Resort and Mantaray Island Resort are just a few and they all offer the option to pre-book your dives before you arrive.

No matter your dive experience, there is a dive site in Fiji waiting for you. Call our specialists on 1800 800 722 for more details and a tailor made quote today.

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