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Top 5 South Pacific Stays for 2023

Published 12th May 2023

Travel has been well and truly reinvigorated this year, and tourists are choosing to value experience and purpose over the well-worn path. Our expert team of travel specialists have been scouring the South Pacific, experiencing the destinations firsthand and compiling this list of the Top 5 South Pacific Stays for 2023.

Beat the crowds and find your true north with these inspirational recommendations. To book your South Pacific stay call our team on 1800 800 722 or send us an email.

Seabreeze Resort, Samoa

Samoa as a destination represents travel in days gone by, where authentic cultural experiences and pristine Jurassic environments lend themselves to slow journeys of the soul. Samoa feels like an untouched gem, a hidden paradise yet to be corrupted by bustling crowds and snap happy tourists.

In 2023 travellers want to experience new cultures, venture beyond the known, and do so in a peaceful way with minimal impact. Slow travel, mindful steps, and a breathing culture. That’s what makes Samoa a must see in 2023.

On the southern coast of Samoa’s main island, Upolu, lies Seabreeze Resort. This boutique escape is nestled into a secluded bay fringed with coconut palms and tropical gardens. It feels like the beating heart of Samoa when you’re here. Private and intimate, the staff elevate your stay from ‘holiday accommodation’ to ‘home away from home’.

The customer service is the crowning jewel in the tiara of this incredible resort, though their visionary villas and award-winning menu are not to be forgotten either. Seabreeze Resort Samoa is one of those few places that capture a piece of your heart when you leave, always calling to you to return to this paradise amongst the palms.

  • Activity recommendation: no stay at Seabreeze is complete without a visit to To Sua Ocean Trench. Its natural beauty will leave you in awe, and you’ll never want to leave it’s swaying waters.

Christian’s of Bucks Point, Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a melting pot of Polynesian culture, world-heritage listed history, biodiverse endemic wildlife and welcoming small-town feel. This island, a few hours off the East Coast of Australia, has been attracting history and nature buffs for decades. More recently it has drawn the attention of travellers interested in the farm to fork dining experience that local industry provides. This is attracting a whole new demographic of visitors to Norfolk, proving it truly offers something for everyone. For travellers looking for a close to home holiday that is easeful, safe, and eye opening, a Norfolk Island holiday package should be top of the 2023 hit list.

Christian’s of Bucks Point is an award-winning luxury cottage that radiates warmth and allure. When you walk in the door you feel almost transported to another place and time, a perfect ambience for taking a moment to remember what’s truly important in life.

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms, perfect for small groups or larger families. It includes an Xbox for those needing entertainment, though the ocean views over Ball Bay and Phillip Island are captivating enough for most.

  • Activity recommendation: Many past visitors to the island will have done some of the main tours, but some new options have just been released! The Wars of Change tour by Aata Orn Tours tells of the impact of WWII on the island. See this tour and more on our Norfolk Island Tours page.

Sea Change Villas, Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are a dream destination for travellers who love island life. They are easily accessible, but without being too close for the hordes of tourists we have come to expect in other destinations. There is no building taller than a palm tree, no brand-name hotels or fast-food restaurants, no traffic lights, and no worries.

This little paradise has 15 islands scattered across the ocean about halfway between the East Coast of Australia and Hawaii. Rarotonga is the main island, and only takes 45 minutes to circle! There are empty beaches, lush rainforest hikes, and some of the freshest and tastiest food you could hope to find on holiday. In 2023 travellers are looking for nature-based holidays and mindful journeys, making Cook Islands holiday packages top of the list.

Sea Change Villas is an adult-only property that compliments the natural landscape and offers relaxed, private luxury. Located on Titikaveka beach, Sea Change has villas with lagoon views or on the beachfront. Regardless of the location you have your own private plunge pool and cooking facilities, enabling you to retreat from the outside world for as long as you like.

The staff here are impeccable, always a step ahead to ensure your needs are taken care of. Whether you’re honeymooning or simply looking for a serene oasis, Sea Change Villas can provide.

  • Activity recommendation: With 15 islands in the Cooks, don’t limit yourself to just one! The Aitutaki Day Tour is an absolute must and will take you one of the most pristine blue lagoons in the world, a day trip you won’t soon forget!

Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa, Islands of Tahiti

There is a cultural heartbeat to the islands of Tahiti that must be felt to be truly appreciated. The vast paradise dotted through French Polynesia consists of 118 islands in five distinct archipelagos, with the Society Islands being home to the better-known destinations of Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora. Check out our Tahiti holiday packages here.

But beyond these isles lay endless stretches of turquoise lagoons and pink sand beaches in the Tuamotu archipelago. Here, just a 1-hour flight from Tahiti, you will find the atoll of Rangiroa. The Islands of Tahiti are a drawcard for many travellers, but in 2023 it's about discovering new horizons – and Rangiroa is the perfect example.

Rangiroa means ‘endless skies’ and is only 200 to 300 metres wide with ocean on one side and a flourishing lagoon (big enough to hold the whole island of Tahiti!) in the middle. On a 10km islet here sits Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa. This property is spacious, bringing nature and the environment into every one of it’s 60 rooms with tropical touches and true Polynesian styling.

From beach bungalows, to overwater bungalows, and even to the villas with private pools, all accommodation here has a private jacuzzi or pool. If you’re a water lover, this resort is a dream oasis that will have you pinching yourself every morning.

  • Activity recommendation: Rangiroa has a thriving marine life in both the ocean side and lagoon side with whales, sharks, and manta rays coming to play. As one of the top scuba diving spots in the world you should definitely do a Discover Scuba trip! For those who prefer to be above the water, a visit to the Pink Sand Beach is a must!

White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa, Vanuatu

In 2023 Vanuatu offers you to answer the call and visit this independent nation of over 80 islands for a refreshing change of pace. Whether you prefer a slow-paced holiday or the adrenaline rush of an adventurous getaway, Vanuatu has what you need.

Immersed in kastom (custom), surrounded by spectacular natural experiences, and sights to reinvigorate your spirit, Vanuatu is a must see in 2023. Vanuatu brings the extraordinary to your feet and provides some of the most unique experiences in the world in one destination.

Tanna is one of the outer islands of Vanuatu, a fast 35-minute flight from Port Vila, and home to the alluring red glow of Mt Yasur. This is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and has been mystifying people for centuries.

On the island of Tanna lies White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa, the perfect base for exploring this enchanting isle. With 18 ocean view bures on a secluded coral cove, this resort is the signature Tanna experience. From here you can explore not only the volcano but also dive the underwater caves and coral gardens, soak in the natural hot springs, tread the black sand beaches and visit the authentic cultural villages. You can also unwind in the resort spa, pool, and bar.

  • Activity recommendation: It goes without saying that a sunrise or sunset volcano safari is non-negotiable, but there are unmissable Black Magic Tours too! Vanuatu Tourism has a fantastic Tanna guide, as well as a list of more activities to consider.

2023 is the return of travel purpose

After being confined to our own shores for so long, the biggest trend of 2023 is the return to travelling with purpose. We aren’t holidaying for the sake of holidaying anymore. Instead, travellers prioritise the experiences they want to have and the values they wish to emulate. Nature, adventure, a slower pace, and disconnection from responsibilities are all drivers of the 2023 travel trends.

For South Pacific holiday deals that are ahead of the trend in 2023 call our team on 1800 800 722, send us an email to or fill in an online enquiry here.

Photos courtesy of Seabreeze resort Samoa, Sea change Villas Cook Islands, Christians of Bucks Point Norfolk Island

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