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Travel Tips: Affordable Tahiti

Tahiti has often been perceived as a luxury holiday destination for the rich & famous, however, there are lots of ways to make a holiday to Tahiti more affordable and more achievable. Here are our top tips for reaching your Tahiti holiday dreams!

1. Book Early.

Most resorts offer early-bird rates all year-round, these rates can be anywhere from 10-30% off the normal price depending on the resort. Get in nice and early to secure the best rates.

2. Split your stay.

Everyone wants to have that overwater experience, but it can be pricey! Why not do a few nights in a cheaper room type and then add a few nights in an overwater bungalow at the end of your holiday. You can save some money without missing out, and you will end the trip on a total high.

3. Stay in Tahiti.

Most people see images of Bora Bora and don’t realize you can still experience this amazing destination without having to leave the main island of Tahiti. There are lots of resorts to choose from & you can book that overwater bungalow of your dreams for less.

4. Go for a Combo.

If you are staying in Papeete and then venturing to another island, see what combo deals are available. Often resorts will have discounted rates when you combine two of their properties. The best part is that you can usually combine a combo discount with an early bird rate – winning!

5. Head to Moorea.

Moorea is equally stunning but slightly less pricey than its neighbour Bora Bora. You can catch a ferry instead of forking out for an extra flight and still have that picture-perfect Tahiti holiday.

6. Pre-Purchase your Meals.

Lots of resorts offer this as an option, pre-paying for your food is a great way to make sure you don't end up spending way too much while you are away. It allows you to budget better and takes some of the stress out of your holiday once you arrive.

7. Pay it off.

Most travel companies allow you to pay your holiday off, so you can just slowly chip away at the total holiday cost, the more you pay for before you go the better! If you think you will do activities, add them on too so you know you won’t arrive and have to miss out on anything.

8. Eat Local.

Tahiti has excellent choices to dine outside of resorts, like anywhere, eating at local restaurants can be a great way to cut costs.

Travel Tips: Affordable Tahiti:

If you want more Tahiti travel tips or would like to look at booking a Tahiti holiday call our experienced team now on 1800 800 722.

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