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Vanuatu – Know before you go

When it comes to planning your Vanuatu holiday, we have compiled a "Know before you go" list to help you have the most enjoyable and relaxing time in Vanuatu.

Best Time to Visit Vanuatu

Like all the South Pacific Islands there is no bad time to visit but there will be some months that are better than others.  April - September are going to be the driest and milder temperature months and November - March will be the hottest, wettest and most humid.

Getting to Vanuatu

Getting to Vanuatu is easy with two major airlines servicing the east coast of Australia directly into Port Villa (Efate). The national carrier Air Vanuatu and Virgin Australia both offer direct flight services.  If you are wishing to get around the islands of Vanuatu, then connections can be made with Air Vanuatu.

Airport taxes

All airport taxes are prepaid in your international ticket to Vanuatu but if you are planning on travelling to the outer Vanuatu islands by air, there is a provincial departure tax of 200 vatu for departure from domestic airports which you can pay on checking in to your flight. Some of the domestic airports where this tax is applicable include Bauerfield International Airport in Port Vila, Pekoa Airport in Espiritu Santo and Whitegrass Airport on Tanna.

Vanuatu Currency

The official currency of Vanuatu is the vatu. 1 vatu is worth approximately 12 Australian cents, with 1 Australian dollar equalling approximately 80 vatu. It is handy to carry at least some Vatu with you as not all cafes and tour companies have EFTPOS or credit card facilities.

Electricity and Power

Just like here in Australia, they use 240V, 50HzHz, three pin plugs. Just be mindful if travelling to a smaller resort or some outer islands you might come across two point plugs so pack an adaptor just in case.


Most common languages spoken in Vanuatu are English and French, with the national language been Bislama (pidgin English). There are however over 120 distinct languages and many more dialects spoken in Vanuatu.

Taxes (VAT)

There is a 12.5% tax on accommodation, food and most products in Vanuatu, excluding market and local produce.

Internet and Communication

Most hotels and resorts in Vanuatu offer Wi-Fi to their guests, although at some it is not included in the room rates and will come at an additional cost. On most outer islands, it won't be possible to get online at all, giving you the chance to turn your digital devices off and reconnect with nature/yourself and each other.

Vanuatu does have roaming agreements with some international mobile phone companies, so check with your mobile provider to see if this is a possibility for you.

Vanuatu - Know Before You Go:

We hope this helps with your planning of your next Vanuatu trip. Time to check out our great packages to Vanuatu. If you can’t find what you are looking for or want more information,  please get in touch with our team of specialist travel consultants on 1800 800 722.

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