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What to Pack on a South Pacific Getaway

Ah, the dreaded task of packing for a holiday! We’ve curated a list of some of the most important items to bring on your South Pacific holiday to ensure you are fully prepared for anything the destination, weather or tour activities throw your way!


Let's get the obvious out of the way - Sunscreen. Getting burnt on the first day of your holiday puts a bit of a dampener on the rest of your trip, so we recommend applying frequently and generously to ensure your trip is everything you hoped it would be.

Protective Clothing:

There isn't a culture more relaxed than the Pacific. With that in mind, forget luxury brands, and bring along comfortable clothing that will keep you covered from the sun’s rays. We also recommend bringing a more conservative outfit if you are hoping to visit a traditional village or Sunday church service – while beachwear is totally acceptable in your resort and on the beach, many South Pacific cultures require midriffs, knees and shoulders to be covered when visiting anywhere considered to be sacred.

A Fancy Outfit

Yes, this might be contradicting what we just said - but make sure you bring at least one dressier outfit. Many of the destinations across the South Pacific host fine dining options and amazing cocktail bars which have dress codes. Packing at least one smart-casual or cocktail outfit will ensure you won’t be underdressed.

Insect Repellent

The Pacific's glorious tropical climate has but one drawback – mosquitos and sand flies. A quick spritz of insect repellent will keep the biters at bay, allowing you to fully enjoy your holiday.

Wet Weather Gear

The South Pacific's tropical climate also means the odd sporadic shower. Although they're often short-lived, make sure you're prepared and bring a raincoat or poncho with you.

Running or Hiking Shoes

If you're like most people, a Pacific escape means floating dreamily atop coral reefs, exploring the diverse wildlife laden beneath the surface. However, what some forget is the plethora of natural wonders, yearning to be explored inland. Even if you don't plan on hiking an island's rugged interior, it won't hurt to bring a pair of runners with you. That way, you won't be restricted if you change your mind. (Oh, spoiler alert – you’ll probably change your mind).


You're going to be in the water. A lot. So whether you call them togs, cozzies or bathers, make sure you bring at least two pairs with you so that you always have a dry pair to change into.

A Beach Towel

Some resorts provide guests with beach towels, others provide towels to rent. It is a good idea to check with your hotel what their beach towel situation is before you leave so that you can pack accordingly.  

An Underwater Camera

Not a necessity, but how can you make your family and friend jealous if you can't capture your amazing snorkelling, kayaking, diving and cruising adventures on camera? Many boating and camping outlets offer affordable waterproof cases or bags for your phone so you don’t have to invest in a GoPro to capture your new underwater friends.

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