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When is the best time for a holiday in Tahiti?

Published 7th Feb 2023

If you are looking for endless white beaches, crystal blue waters, and wonderful luxury experiences, then look no further than a holiday in Tahiti.

Tahiti is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world for a number of reasons. Whether you seek luxury, adventure, relaxation, or a little bit of each - Tahiti holidays have it all.

But if you are planning a trip to Tahiti, it can be difficult to know which season is best to visit. This is because pretty much every season is beautiful - Tahiti is gorgeous and perfect all year round. So our team at Spacifica Travel have put together our guide to the French Polynesian seasons - peak times, best weather, best prices and more.

Summer in Tahiti

Summer is actually our top recommendation for Australian travellers - occurring between November to April. While Tahitian summers often deter American and European visitors because of high humidity and hot days, Australians are used to it.

Temperatures in Tahiti during summer range between high-twenties and mid-thirties, and the tropical islands experience high humidity. Most days the hot weather will be cooled down by afternoon summer storms.

You will also find that the Tahitian summer is quieter than winter when most US and European visitors will come. You can expect less crowds and a more relaxed energy due to summer being the low season.

You can also expect lower costs and prices - an added bonus at all times.

Winter in Tahiti

Winter in Tahiti stretches from May to October and frankly doesn’t really feel like winter at all.

Temperatures in winter range between the low to mid twenties and the weather is significantly drier than the summer. It’s the perfect temperature for many, and lines up nicely with the Australian Winter. So if you are feeling the chill a little too much, you can rest assured that Tahiti will warm you up.

Winter in Tahiti is the peak busy season in French Polynesia. The Islands of Tahiti experience an influx of US and European visitors enjoying their summer holidays and the region becomes very busy.

This also means of course that it can be more expensive in the winter months and you may have to prepare a little more ahead of time by pre-booking popular tours and restaurants.

Tahiti Year-Round

The Islands of Tahiti are, simply put, a paradise year round.

There isn’t really a season that should be avoided, merely depending on your preferences. Be aware that there are some periods where competitions, events, and certain national holidays cause the islands to shut down partially. When you book through Spacifica, we will always help you choose the best time to go, and will let you know about any dates to avoid.

We have put together some of our favourite things to do year round on Tahiti - experiences that can be enjoyed every day of the year!

Stingray and Shark Safaris

The stingray and shark safari is, in our opinion, one of the must do activities in Tahiti.

You and your group will be able to get up close and personal with these friendly sea creatures and even give them a pat if you want.

It is an awesome experience and one of our most popular activities.

ATV Tours on Bora Bora

A little off the beaten track, Bora Bora is home to ATV tours that will surely wow. These tours are a bucket of fun, and really allow you to explore the whole island and see all of its beauty.

The tour will show you some amazing lookouts, and inform you about Bora Bora's interesting history including cultural facts about the WW2 occupation.

Moorea Half-Day Food Tour

If you are wanting to engage with the Tahitian and French Polynesian culture, then what better way to start than food.

The half-day food tour takes you around the island of Moorea and allows you to try many different cultural dishes. The French Polynesian cuisine is delicious and filling so be sure to come hungry!

Tahiti: A Holiday That’s Always Waiting

A holiday in Tahiti is a beautiful, luxurious, and rewarding trip that will leave you with fond memories of white sand beaches and rolling turquoise waters for years to come.

Its beautiful tropical location means that it is perfectly balmy and warm year-round. Summer is hot and humid, just the way us Aussies like it, and is quieter than the winter. The winter is still lovely and warm and offers a great break from the winter months in Australia.

If you are looking to book a Tahiti holiday package at any point of the year then reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team today.


Photos credit of Tahiti Tourisme

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