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The islands of Fiji evoke images of palm trees, white sand beaches, and crystal blue lagoons - and it's true! Fiji Islands are paradise rediscovered and should be on your bucket list.


The Mamanuca Islands are a group of twenty small islands located West of Nadi and Denarau and are easily accessible by a short boat, seaplane or helicopter ride. Spread-out in a lagoon formed between the Great Sea Reef and the mainland, the Mamanuca Islands have become world-famous for their exotic beauty with several movies and television shows being shot there over the years.

Fully exploring the Mamanuca Islands will take some time, as each of the twenty islands has its own personality and secrets that are waiting to be discovered. While it is possible to do day trips to the islands for anyone short on time, we highly recommend spending several nights at one of the many different accommodation options, ensuring that you have enough time to fully experience everything that the islands have to offer.

Spend your days kayaking, diving and snorkelling – a lot of the islands are small enough that you could lazily swim their circumference in just an hour, while a kayak is a great way to explore multiple islands in one day. At the end the day you can relax on one of the many soft white-sand beaches, cocktail in hand, watching the sun as it disappears over the horizon, taking all your worries with it.


The Yasawa Islands are a little-traveled gem hidden within Fiji's treasure chest. Full of adventure and beauty, they are the perfect holiday destination for curious explorers. A few hours north of the mainland, reconnect with Mother Nature while taking a break from civilisation. With shops and services few and far between, lose all concept of time and re-discover the simple beauty of life. Comprised of roughly 20 islands, the Yasawa chain offers a dramatic landscape suited for all types of adventurers. With rolling green hills, pristine lagoons and coastlines that alternate between rock and sand, you’ll never want to leave their unique beauty. For snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, the presence of rock formations and lack of sand makes for the perfect experience – you'll be able to see for miles in the deep blue waters. If you prefer to observe the pristine coral from above, this is your chance to indulge in an island-hopping adventure. With the islands’ proximity reflecting Fiji’s close sense of community, effortlessly kayak between each and marvel at their individual beauty.

If you’re looking to experience authentic Fijian culture then a visit to the Yasawas is perfect. Home to friendly, happy locals who love to share their culture with visitors, say 'Bula!' to village life and immerse yourself in an experience you'll never forget. From delicious local cuisine, music, dance and crafts – the people of the Yasawas are passionate about their history, and continue to keep old traditions alive.

Experience the Islands of Fiji:

Get in touch with Spacifica Travel on 1800 800 722 to start planning your Mamanuca or Yasawa Islands getaway. Our team specialise in the South Pacific can help you plan and book the perfect holiday based on your budget, interests and any other requirements. We also have a range of current Fiji holiday packages that you can browse and we can also organise for a day trip or tour of the Mamanucas to be added onto your existing itinerary.

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