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Comprising 11 main islands and dubbed the mecca of Solomon Islands’ tourism, the Western Province boasts verdant islands and azure lagoons, usually explored by the local long boat.  But hidden beneath this calm and tranquil exterior is a unique culture and at times violent history, providing large drawcards for knowledge seekers and adventurous travellers.

Home to popular destinations such as Gizo, Munda and Seghe, the perfect underwater visibility in this region makes the west an excellent dive destination teeming with marine life and corals. The Kavachi underwater submarine volcano offers a rare display of nature at work, and the massive Marovo Lagoon is a proposed World Heritage Site. The Toa Maru in Kololuka Bay and the Grand Central Station near Gizo are just two of the province’s world famous wreck dives draw visitors from across the world each year.

The Western Province is a culturally rich territory with a dark and often deadly past. Once home to the dreaded headhunters, skull shrines can still be found in the region. More recently fierce battles occurred around Gizo and Munda during World War II leaving behind a number of historically significant battlefield sites, such as Kennedy Island (named after the late US President J F Kennedy, who was marooned here after the sinking of his patrol boat in 1943).

The glorious and dazzling bodies of calm cerulean water are great fishing spots and also offer surfing perfection, giving visitors the rare opportunity to be one of the first to surf breaks in one of the world’s last frontiers. This is the new Bali with uncrowded waves pumping from November to April in a pristine natural and cultural environment. Many parts of the Western Province also boast great bird watching, with a number of endemic species.

The Western Province is a land of diversity – it’s history, landscapes, and activities are only pieces of the puzzle that create the overall remarkable splendour that is the Solomon Islands. For the intrepid traveller, those seeking new frontiers, this truly is a playground of all things wonderous and soul enriching that will leave a permanent mark on your passport and your spirit. View our Solomon Islands holidays deals page or contact us on 1800 800 722 to tailor make a package specific to your needs.

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