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Explosive Excitement

The red glow of Mount Yasur has been alluring and mystifying people for centuries. Captain James Cook was tempted by its beauty while exploring the South Pacific in 1774 and the Americans used it as a beacon while posted in the region during the Second World War. As one of the most active volcanoes in the world, a visit to the Island of Tanna is not complete without taking the 10 minute walk to the rim of this spectacular natural wonder.

At the base of of Mount Yasur lies the aptly named Sulphur bay. The underground activity that feeds the volcano also creates hot springs and small geysers in the bay. Exploring this region is an amazing way to understand to the full power and might of mother nature. The hinterland of this island is just as magnificent with lush rainforest scattered with wildlife including wild horses.

The beauty and excitement of Mount Yasur is reflected in the people that inhabit the island. Their culture is a creative fusion of thousand year old ‘Kustom’ mixed with the various western influences that have called the Island home previously including the French, Scottish Missionaries and the Americans.

Underwater caves, extensive coral gardens, hot natural springs, along with the famous Mount Yasur, make Tanna a true paradise. A 35 minute flight from Port Vila, the island’s amenities are basic but that adds to the personality and authenticity of the island.

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