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Discover Norfolk Island

Explore the Fascinating History of the Un-spoilt Norfolk Island

Norfolk Islands colourful past could easily make up a gripping novel, which would amaze you with every tale. Book one of our Norfolk island holidays, to learn about the disappearance of early Polynesians, the arrival of European settlers, the wreckage of HMS Sirius, the emaciated convicts in leg irons and much more. 

With a range of all inclusive packages and deals for seniors or families or even with the kids, we can arrange everything from travel from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to the best luxury resorts. This little un-spoilt gem in the South Pacific is well worth a visit, and has a wealth of natural beauty and exciting history to unearth. 

Enjoy a Wealth of Exciting Activities 

Choose one of our Norfolk Island holidays for seniors or families with kids – we can offer the best packages and deals that suit you. Whether you need a luxury resort or all inclusive package, we can help you get the most out of your trip. 

Throughout your stay you can experience professional tours and shows, world-class painting displays, music, photography and the written word. The locals are proud to display their artistic talents in many ways, and are perhaps most proud of their beautiful, un-spoilt land. 

Norfolk Island Trademarks

  • The unique Norfolk Island pine.
  • Convict built ruins of Kingston.
  • Home to the ‘Bounty Mutiny’ descendants.
  • Polynesian customs; weaving, dancing, ukulele playing, cooking.
  • Reefs and lagoons, basalt rock pools and coves cut into cliffs.
  • Lush National park tracks to explore with an abundance of flora, fauna and birdlife.
  • Exciting festivals and events.
  • Virtually no crime or dangerous wildlife. 

Travel from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to Norfolk Island in the South pacific, for an unforgettable holiday that will rejuvenate the body and thrill the mind. Call us on 1800 800 722 for more information.



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