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5 Reasons to Choose Lord Howe Island for a Family Holiday

If you are looking at Lord Howe Island for a family holiday option, then you won’t be disappointed.

Lord Howe Island is the perfect place to go and connect with your family – away from the distractions of screens, mobile service, or the internet. There is enough excitement on the island to keep the kids interested, but also plenty of opportunities for the parents to relax.

Our team at Spacifica Travel love Lord Howe Island for family trips. Here are some of the best reasons why this magical island will be perfect for you and your family.

 1. Ease of travel

With how tranquil and secluded Lord Howe Island can feel, it is often a surprise to find that it is only about a two-hour flight from Sydney. In fact, Lord Howe Island is part of Australia - which of course means that you don’t need to concern yourself with any passports.

The flight is an adventure in its own right. You and your family will board Qantas’s smallest commercial plane - a 36 seat aircraft with just one flight attendant and a tight 14kg baggage limit.

The journey can be a bit rocky, but don’t let this deter you. After a short two-hour trip, you and your family will land in an unspoiled and idyllic island paradise. All of our holiday packages offer airport transfers, which will transport you to your Lord Howe Island accommodation with ease.

2. Time to disconnect

Our team is well aware of how difficult it can be for families to disconnect from daily life.

On Lord Howe Island, disconnection is never an issue. The lack of internet connection, phone reception, and general outside communication means you and your family can finally spend some quality time with each other.

We know it can be daunting to step back from your social media, emails, and news alerts. But in truth, this allows you to have a holiday that feels refreshing, freeing, and relaxing. Not only will your kids love having all of your attention, they will get to experience a world that is simpler and more relaxed.

We recommend downloading a few movies at home before coming to the island. This way if you ever want to watch a new show or give the kids something to do to wind down, you have something on hand.

3. Safe and sound

Lord Howe Island is about as safe as it gets when it comes to holiday destinations. The speed limit does not exceed 25km per hour, helmets for cycling are mandatory, and crime is essentially non-existent.

The small, local community is built upon the trust shared between neighbours. Travellers also respect this tradition, especially as the general tourist population is so small and manageable.

Parents can relax back knowing their kids can’t get in too much trouble in a place that prioritises their safety. It’s one of the top reasons people choose Lord Howe Island as their family holiday destination.

4. Self-catered accommodation

We know how important it can be to have completely self-catered accommodation on family holidays. This is why we love the Lord Howe Island experience for families – the island gives you the flexibility to live out the type of holiday your family wants.

Restaurants on the island have a relaxed attitude to opening hours - meaning they open late and close relatively early. They are great for a family dinner and brunch, but breakfast will have to be taken care of in your accommodation. Many of our holiday packages even come with a food hamper to get you started.

We love how no-fuss this makes your holiday, especially as family holidays often come with ever-changing needs. This way you know your accommodation will cover everything you need on your stay.

We highly recommend the Somerset Apartments or the Blue Lagoon Lodge for families as they will have everything you and your kids will need (no matter the age).

5. So much to do

You and your family will be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do on Lord Howe Island. While you can hire a car on the island, we recommend renting out some bikes for you and your family instead. Everything is so close together that they make for a fun way to explore the island.

Ned’s Beach is a popular spot for swimming and snorkelling due to its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. There are also large groups of mutton birds on the beach, which is bound to be a hit with your children.

Lagoon Beach is another popular spot. Its shallower waters are especially good for small children who may not be so confident in the water. The lagoon is calm and still so there is no requirement to be a strong swimmer. It is also a great place to do kayaking and paddle boarding.

While there is so much to do on the island, there is also a super relaxed atmosphere, and there is no pressure to get everything done. You can just as easily put up your feet and enjoy some quality family time.

Lord Howe Island: a hidden gem for a family holiday

If you are looking for a place that is safe, fun and easy to get to, then look no further than Lord Howe Island for a family holiday.

We know that you and your little ones will be charmed by the island's relaxed atmosphere. It offers everything you and your family could want on a holiday and more.

If you are wanting to book a holiday to Lord Howe Island or are curious about your options, contact our team at Spacifica Travel. We are experts in all things Lord Howe and would love nothing more than to help you manage your trip.

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