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Discover the Islands of Vanuatu

Published 21st Aug 2018

“Welkam” to Vanuatu! This little paradise might be one of the most diverse Island Nations within the South Pacific Region. Each of its islands offers very distinct features making it a fantastic destination for island hopping or return visits. Vanuatu caters to everyone - you just need to know where to go!


Efate, home to the capital of Port Vila, is the main international hub of Vanuatu and the most visited and populated out of the more than 80 islands. Port Vila offers bustling markets, a beautiful waterfront boardwalk and a selection of bars, shops and restaurants. Efate itself offers beautiful beaches, exciting activities like zip-lining and magical spots like the Mele Cascade Waterfall. Why not try some fresh local fruits and wander the markets in the morning, then continue to do some souvenir shopping, followed by a tour to the Mele Cascades and topping it all off with a dinner & cocktails at Lava Lounge close to the harbour?

Efate offers accommodation for all budgets and travel styles from family-friendly to adults-only, self-catering to all-inclusive and backpackers to 5-Star Resorts. Due to its wide range of accommodation and activity options it is great for pretty much everyone, but especially for first-time visitors, families and lovers of more upmarket accommodation.

Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo is the biggest island of Vanuatu, but less developed in comparison to its sister island of Efate. The main town of Luganville is far smaller than Port Vila nevertheless it also features an international airport with direct flights from Brisbane on the local carrier Air Vanuatu. Luganville also offers markets, shops, bars and restaurants, but on a much smaller scale. Espiritu Santo is a fantastic destination for all things “water”. It is home to the famous blue holes (freshwater pools displaying the most magical shades of blue), the postcard worthy Champagne Beach, and the Million Dollar Point, a popular dive spot. You can choose to stay on the mainland and explore the natural beauty there or head out to one of the island resorts.

Espiritu Santo is great for beach & water lovers, hammock huggers, divers, and the active traveller who likes to explore and only see few other fellow tourists while doing it.

Tanna Island

Tanna Island is home to the mighty Mount Yasur, one of the World’s most accessible volcanoes. Only a short 45 minute flight from Port Vila it is a great place to immerse yourself in an authentic local culture. Kava tasting, ancient black magic experiences, village visits, turtle & dugong viewing and more awaits you there. The one experience that clients cannot miss though is the Volcano Safari. It is definitely an once-in-a-lifetime bucket list item and an unforgettable and impressive display of the sheer power of nature!

Tanna is perfect for the adventurous traveller with a love for excitement, culture and the outdoors. There is no real town and you won’t find a luxury 5-Star resort here, but it is definitely worth a visit and it will be a truly memorable experience that only few people can call their own.


Other Islands of Vanuatu

Other notable islands of Vanuatu are Pentecost, Ambrym and Malekula.

In Pentecost you can experience the traditional and breathtaking land diving ritual called Nagol (or N’gol) which takes place every Saturday between April and June each year. It marks the yam harvest, but also serves as a fertility rite for the local men. Guests are welcome to watch this spectacle and have the option of doing a day trip or to stay overnight and experience the local hospitality. 

Ambrym is home to the Twin Volcanoes Mount Benbow and Mount Marum and also known as the “black island” due to the blanket of volcanic ash that covers it. Black magic is still practiced there and the “Man blong Majik”are highly respected amongst the villagers. For those staying in Port Vila there is an option of taking a helicopter ride to marvel at these rumbling giants and touch down to wander their edges.  

Malekula, Vanuatu’s second biggest island, takes your adventure to the next level. Only few tourists venture there and are rewarded with a rugged natural beauty spotted with waterfalls, rivers, lush rainforest and jagged mountains perfect for trekking and hiking. This wild island is the place to be if you would explore the ancient cannibalism sites, listening to the history and songs and getting close to the locals off the beaten track.


Visit Vanuatu

No matter which island(s) you decide on in the end our specialists at Spacifica Travel are here to guide you in your journey and make sure you will find the perfect fit for you.  Contact Spacifica Travel on 1800 800 722 if you would like to book a holiday to visit any of Vanuatu’s islands or click here to see our deals.

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