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Finding the perfect South Pacific holiday for your family

Published 20th Apr 2023

Planning a holiday for the family can be overwhelming. There are all types of needs to consider, a thousand review sites to consult, and finding the perfect fit can feel daunting. Care for Kids have some tips on getting through holidays with kids without losing your marbles, and we are here to take care of the rest.

We have put together a list of holidays for all different family types! Whether you are travelling with a toddler, three teenagers, or bringing the grandparents along too, we have recommendations just for you! For more recommendations and pricing don’t hesitate to reach out to our Reservations team who can tailor make a quote just for your brood.

Call 1800 800 722 or contact us here.

Travelling with little ones?

Seeing the kids excited to take their first trip on an airplane is a memory that most parents won’t soon forget. But the memory making doesn’t stop there! If you’re travelling with younger children and want to plan a holiday that makes their experience the star of the show, then we have some advice.

Before you start, be clear on your needs:

  • If your child is under 2 year of age: will they be sitting on your lap on the plane, or will they need their own seat?
  • Will you need highchairs and cots to be provided in your accommodation, or will you be taking your own?
  • Do you need a microwave or cooking facilities in your room?

The answers to these questions will help you select the appropriate airfares and hotel for your needs. But first, where to go?

We recommend: Fiji

The family unit is very culturally important to Fijians and children are always welcomed with open arms. In fact, Fijians are considered to make some of the best childcare professionals across the world as they treat kids as their own.

Resorts in Fiji are well equipped with kids’ clubs, creches, and babysitting services to give the parents a well-deserved night to themselves during the holiday. It is also a readily accessible destination with daily flights and short flying time from the East Coast of Australia. It’s safe, convenient, and your babes will be showered with love and care.

Accommodation options to consider:

View our Fiji family holiday packages here.

Taking the teens?

Choice is important here! You want facilities that you can all enjoy together, while making sure there is plenty to keep the teenagers entertained. You don’t want them to be glued to technology, but it needs to be accessible for them, so balance is key.

We recommend: The Cook Islands

The island of Rarotonga is an idyllic South Pacific destination that your family can treat like one large resort. The island is 32km around with no traffic lights, no brand name hotels or fast-food chains, and no speed limit greater than 60km per hour. And there is plenty to see and do here too! There are island tours, lagoon cruises, cultural shows, night markets, epic kid’s clubs, and beaches as far as the eye can see. There is truly something for everyone in this little paradise, even the fussiest of tech-driven teens.

Accommodation options to consider:

View out Cook Islands family holiday packages here.

Extended family trip?

Families look and feel different to everyone, and sometimes a family holiday means bringing the grandparents, stepparents, or cousins along too! You will want somewhere that you can explore together but where everyone can operate independently if they like. Some people may like to hike, some people may like to swim, but you all want to be able to meet up for dinner somewhere central. We have some great resort suggestions for you below!

We recommend: Samoa

This island is unspoilt, untouched, and relatively unknown to most Australian holiday makers. But there is a magic, a spirit, here that makes visitors fall in love and want to return again and again.

Samoa provides an authentic South Pacific experience at your own pace. There are lava fields, cliff faces, forests, and oceans to explore. Empty beaches and impeccably serviced resorts are at your fingertips.

Accommodation options to consider:

Free range kids?

“You don't remember the times your dad held your handle bars. You remember the day he let go.” ― Lenore Skenazy

This is the essence of a family holiday with free range kids, where you can take them to safely explore the world around them and find joy in the simple – and often barefoot – things. Let them play in the sand, climb a mountain, get the wind in their hair and the taste of adventure in their souls.

We recommend: Norfolk Island

This small town island is PERFECT for letting the kids truly be kids. On Norfolk people leave their keys in the car ignition and windows down as they pop to the supermarket. There are roadside stalls selling organic, homegrown fruit and vege. Locals and visitors alike wave and say hello when you pass them by. And best of all, kids here truly know how to be kids. They build forts, ride bikes, swim in the lagoons and plant their own food. It is childhood as we remember it, but for the next generation to experience.

Accommodation options to consider:

View our Norfolk Island family holiday packages here.

Have a big family?

If you’ve got half a football team in tow, we have you covered as well. There are some accommodation options across the South Pacific that cater AMAZINGLY to larger families. We have some ideas below that cater to 2 adults and up to 5 children to help you start your planning, but don’t forget that our team is here to help!

No matter the destination, no matter how big the family, we can create an option that fits your needs. Call our team on 1800 800 722, send us an email to or fill in an online enquiry here.

Accommodation options to consider:

Check here for more family holiday deals too!

Every family deserves a holiday

Here at Spacifica Travel we strongly believe that all families deserve a holiday, especially to the child-friendly paradises we are honoured to know and love in the South Pacific. Babies, teens, extended family, free-range kids and soccer team units, we have you all covered!

If you’re looking for something more customised to your family’s needs then just reach out to one of our expert team members on 1800 800 722.

Photos courtesy of Outrigger Fiji, Norfolk Island Tourism & Alisha Street – Pacific Resort Rarotonga

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