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What To See and Do On a Vanuatu Holiday

Published 1st Jul 2022

A trip to Vanuatu is the perfect holiday experience for those seeking both relaxation and adventure. Climb to the rim of a volcano, swim under a waterfall or fly through the jungle on a buggy adventure - your next Vanuatu holiday can have it all. Vanuatu is a magical gem in the South Pacific, and with over 80 islands, there is so much to see and do! Fill your days with excitement and adventure or stroll at your leisure discovering the culture, the friendly locals, and the island way. Either way we know you will love Vanuatu as much as we do!

Adventure in Nature

Natural beauty abounds in Vanuatu, with something new to be seen at every turn. The lushest of rainforests can be explored by foot and visitors are invited to hike off the beaten track. An island trek will have you spoilt for choice as you pass jungle terrain, stunning waterfalls, and traditional villages.

For those curious, adventurous travellers a trip to the summit of Tanna’s Mt Yasur is an experience like no other. One of the world’s most accessible active volcanoes is an amazing site at sunset and one you won’t forget. 4WD vehicles are able to deliver you just 150metres from the edge of the crater to see this natural wonder up close.

Another popular attraction is the Mele Cascades. Sitting pretty in the jungle about 10km from Port Vila it offers a collection of terraced pools tumbling down a rocky hillside into a scenic natural swimming hole. Waterfall exploration alone can keep you busy in Vanuatu!

If you’d like to explore a piece of the Pacific Ocean, snorkelling in Tanna is not to be missed! The Blue Cave is a secret grotto carved into the cliffs on the western edge of the island where adventurers can dive down and swim a short way through an underwater cave, only to pop up inside a natural rock cavern. When the sunlight pierces the roof in the cave, the water turns a stunning electric blue.

For a once in a life-time experience, Vanuatu is one of few places you can swim with the majestic dugongs in their natural habitat. Join a canoe tour and spend an unforgettable morning alongside these amazing creatures. While you’re at it, why not look into a tour of some of the outer islands of Vanuatu? When travelling to the South Pacific, a cultural experience cannot be missed. Join a local tour guide and interact with the locals through food and dance, taking a moment to  of their traditional ways living in this beautiful oasis. Wander through a village on a remote outer island and come face to face with a rich culture that is often unaffected by the outside world.

Relax and Unwind in Style

Vanuatu is the ultimate location to relax and rejuvenate and rediscover. There are many scenic spots for a picnic or a quiet afternoon spent with your loved one. With less pollution and lights, the skies light up with a million stars!

The ultimate pamper experiences for travellers looking to indulge themselves during their Vanuatu holiday can be found in Port Vila. Days spas in the capital offer treatments to pamper your body and mind, with many offering relaxing  tropical gardens and stunning ocean views.

For the romantic travellers, Vanuatu offers dreamy night-time experiences. Several places like Pele Island allow beachside camping by an open fire. Here you can snuggle up to your loved one, immerse yourself in the great outdoors, and enjoy nature at its best. And if you’re in the mood for dancing the night away, why not grab your favourite cocktail or a fresh coconut, watch the sun go down over the water, and hit up some live music at one of the beach bars.

If you have some extra space in your suitcase towards the end of your trip and would like to find yourself some unique souvenirs, we highly recommend a visit to the local markets. Port Vila Markets are great for traditional crafts, and Hebrida Market Place is the spot for hand woven bags and painted clothing. Most markets are cash only so make sure your wallet is stocked!

Adventures for the Whole Family

Vanuatu is an exciting destination for your next family holiday. There are a huge variety of family friendly adventures that will provide jaw dropping, eye popping reactions for children of all ages.

Is there anything better than flying above the treetops, zipping along at speed over different lines and suspension bridges for some thrill-seeking fun? Jungle Zipline Vanuatu offers zipline experiences for all levels of thrill seeking, including a massive 2km combo zipline.

If you’re looking to get the family out into nature, a day trip to the island of Espiritu Santo is a stunning choice. Espiritu Santo has more blue holes than anywhere else in the world. These swimming holes are filled with crystal clear water in every shade of blue, and are formed when pure freshwater flows underground from mountain peaks, creating a stunning blue hole. Whether you choose to relax in the calm waters or launch into them via rope swing, you are guaranteed to enjoy quality time with your loved ones on a day out discovering the blue holes of Vanuatu.

Another family favourite is a Santo Horse Adventure. Saddle up for your trail ride along a fresh flowing creek, passing through villages and pristine scenery. Santo Horse Adventure Rides usually range from 1 to 2 hours and can be catered to the ability of the riders. While we can't guarantee your children won’t be begging for a pony after this, we can guarantee an adventure among nature without a screen in sight!

Book Your Vanuatu Holiday with Spacifica Travel

A Vanuatu holiday truly is a choose-your-own adventure. Whether you’re looking to relax by the beach, dive into the ocean, or take your family on the trip of a lifetime, the theme at Spacifica Travel can help you create the perfect itinerary. Contact the team at Spacifica Travel on 1800 800 722 to help get your Vanuatu holiday started!

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