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South Pacific destinations to entertain the kids

Published 26th Mar 2024

When planning a family holiday a lot of time and effort is placed on finding somewhere that the kids will love. After all, if they’re happy then the holiday is a breeze for everyone else! Kids have such wildly different interests and needs and it can be difficult to know where to start, so we have put together a list of destinations and the child friendly entertainment they offer. We can help you make an informed choice that is best for you and your family. For personalised quotes speak to one of our reservations specialists on 1800 800 722 or explore our family packages here.


The free range kids

For kids who want (or let’s face it, perhaps NEED) to disconnect a little then Norfolk Island is where you should begin. The destination is a quick 2hr flight from the East Coast and is incredibly safe. It’s not uncommon to find hire cars parked at the local supermarket with the windows down, keys still in the ignition, and nothing taken! There are no takeout chains, no shopping malls, and WiFi needs to be purchased in most accommodations. But that means your holiday is spent doing totally free range things, like morning bushwalks and afternoon swims, and BBQ dinners under the starry night skies. Norfolk Island offers a mental reset – even for kids.


The social butterflies

If your babes are the social kind, who love a chat and are always looking to make new friends, then Fiji is perfect for you! The locals are known for their big bula smiles, welcoming nature, and absolute adoration of children! The resorts have Nanny services and Kids Clubs that facilitate new bonds and allow the kids to form beautiful relationships with their caregiver and other attendees. In Fiji they will make memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a bonus that it gives the parents some kid free moments too! Book a family holiday to Fiji and you won’t be disappointed.


For the adventurers

Some children love the idea of a little action – and Vanuatu is just the ticket! Here the highlights of a family holiday are all the incredible activities you can try and natural wonders you can explore. We recommend tours that take you snorkelling on the reef or visits to the local beaches, zip lining through the jungle canopy, exploring the waterfalls at Mele Cascades, and the incredible sights of the Mt Yasur volcano tour on Tanna! Don’t miss out on the fire show on Friday Nights at the Beach Bar too – the kids will LOVE it.


The culture enthusiast

If you have a brood that loves to embrace all things foreign, then a cultural getaway to the Cook Islands will suit superbly. The Cook Islands Maori culture is inherently visible in day-to-day life and is incredibly accessible to visitors. Visit a marae in the mountains, see a dinner show by the lagoon, and learn about Rarotonga’s history on a bicycle tour through the inland. You can hear the native language being spoken, eat traditional foods from the menu at most restaurants, and witness locals making their way to church on Sunday’s. Culture here is welcoming, engaging, and non-gimmicky – perfect for families. Plus, there are plenty of other tours and natural attractions to fill out a two week itinerary!


There’s a perfect place for every family

For every family there is a South Pacific destination to match. Whether your kids need some time out from technology, to explore with their adventurous spirits, embrace new friendships in new frontiers or learn about new cultures, we can help plan your ultimate family holiday. We know the South Pacific like the back of our hand, and we are here to help. We are available on 1800 800 722 to provide tailored advice and prices, or view our current family deals online.


Photos courtesy of Cook Islands Tourism, Fiji Tourism

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