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We want you to be in the know with all travel related news in the South Pacific, so we’ve started our news feed and blog. Join the conversation and read all of our great articles as we post them. We’ll keep you up to date on special interest travel, upcoming events, and everything “travel” in the South Pacific.

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Off-the-Grid Luxury Holidays in Fiji

Everyone knows that Fiji is the home of 5-star luxury resorts and all-inclusive holidays but if you really like luxury (and who doesn’t?!), then there is so much more than...

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Hidden Fijian Adventures

Fiji is well-known for its vast selection of adrenalin-pumping adventure tours but some of the most unique and authentic experiences are hidden away in the lesser explored areas. In this...

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The Best South Pacific Diving Spots

Head South. Find Depth The South Pacific is known for its beauty – both above and below the water’s surface. Home to some of the most diverse marine landscapes in...

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The South Pacific: A Foodie’s Paradise

Head South. Find Taste. The Pacific Ocean is sprinkled with thousands of islands that make up this remarkable region of the world. With each country having their own distinct culture...

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Sustainable Accommodation on Norfolk Island

Governor’s Lodge Resort Hotel Norfolk Island is well-known for its rolling green hills, untouched coastline and a strong connection to Australia's past. Visitors love that locals are proud of their...

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Top Spots for a Family Holiday in Fiji

A Family holiday in Fiji has become a rite of passage for Australians; with flight-time as little as 3.5 hours and plenty of hotel and resort options geared towards the...

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What to Pack on a South Pacific Getaway

Ah, the dreaded task of packing for a holiday! We’ve curated a list of some of the most important items to bring on your South Pacific holiday to ensure you...

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The South Pacific: The Most Romantic Region in the World

The South Pacific is famous for its postcard-worthy views, so it is no surprise that it is considered the most romantic region in the world. Popular for both destination weddings...

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Polynesian Culture

The South Pacific region consists of a vast ocean decorated with tropical islands that make all visitors envious of its natural beauty. While famous for stunning scenery, crystal-clear waters and...

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Melanesian Culture: Remnants of the Past

To the unknown traveller, the islands in the South Pacific may seem similar. From the charming locals, calm ocean waters and beautiful white sand beaches, each can seem the same...

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6 Unmissable Events and Festivals in the South Pacific

The festivals in the South Pacific are as varied as their natural land. From cultural celebrations, historical holidays and world-class sporting matches, experience the diverse events and festivals the region...

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Natural Wonders of the South Pacific

More than a tropical paradise, the South Pacific is home to some of the most uniquely stunning and picturesque natural wonders in the entire world. From heritage listed dive sites...

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